Oreo is known for its adventurous seasonal flavors that excite and worry cookie enthusiasts. Some people are scared to try the funky flavors because sometimes they're magically wonderful, but other times they are not worth swallowing.

Fear not! I am here to be your guide for the new 2018 Oreo flavors; I will help you wade through the mix of strangely amazing and must be avoided at all costs!

Five of the newest Oreo's are ranked below from worst to best along with the option to re-buy.

(Note: Pina Colada Oreos are excluded from the list because I could not find them at the grocery stores near me).

5. Pistachio

I was curious how Oreo makers would infuse the subtle flavor of pistachio into the cookie, but they did not accomplish it. The Pistachio Oreo tastes like pure almond extract which was very artificial tasting and not pleasant at all.

Buy Again? No.

4. Cherry Cola

I was super excited about this cookie. Cherry cola is one of my favorite flavors of pop, but the flavor of this cookie doesn’t do it justice. The cookie tastes overwhelmingly like artificial cherry, but the popping candy redeem this cookie. They provide an adventure for your mouth which mimics the sizzling carbonation of soda pop and lasts long after the cookie is gone.

Buy Again? Maybe.

3. Coconut

The coconut flavor is subtle at first, but as you chew and eat the entire cookie, the coconut gets stronger. The filling has actual coconut shavings in it which gives a good texture for people who separate their Oreos. The combination of coconut and chocolate is reminiscent of a Samoa cookie without the caramel.

Buy Again? Yes.

#SpoonTip: Leave Oreos in the freezer for ten minutes before eating! Coconut is especially good frozen!

2. Salted Caramel

This cookie is scrumptious and pretty true to the name of caramel. It tastes exactly like Werther’s Chewable Caramel. The only negative is that I didn’t sense much salt. The cookie makers could’ve amped up the salt to increase the sweet and salty ratio.

Buy Again? Definitely!

1. Kettle Corn

The Kettle Corn Oreo reigns supreme among the new 2018 Oreo flavors. It earned the title for the sole reason that I could not stop eating this Oreo. It tastes exactly like maple syrup, and I love it. Although this cookie doesn’t exactly remind me of kettle corn (it’s close) and I couldn't discern the "puffed millet pieces" that were in the filling, it doesn’t matter because they are AMAZING.

In the week of writing this article, the package of Kettle Corn Oreos is almost gone. I write this as I stuff more Oreos in my mouth (it's all for research).

Buy Again? Yes, but I need it in bulk!

Oreo innovation is always astounding and ever evolving, and I'm excited for the new Oreo flavors to be released like Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and Strawberry Shortcake. But let's be real. No matter the hundreds of new flavors that Oreo will come out with, Double stuf is the classic that will never lose the title of all-time best Oreo because it holds nostalgia for most Oreo lovers.

Don't get me wrong. There is room in everyone's life and stomach for both the classic and eccentric cookies.

The time for Double Stuf Oreos: when you need a pick me up with a tall glass of milk, binge-watching rom-coms on the couch with a tall glass of milk and when crying over a break up with a tall glass of milk. And basically anytime you are drinking milk.

The time for new 2018 Oreo flavors: a game of What are the Odds at girls' night, munchies at parties, and YOLO moments. 

My disclaimer: This Oreo taste-testing and rating is completely biased and solely based on my personal opinion. You may be like my cousin and enjoy the Pistachio Oreo the best while liking the Kettle Corn Oreo the least. But it is a general road map to provide insight into the taste of the new 2018 Oreo flavors and guide your future Oreo purchasing decisions.

Next time you're in the grocery aisle looking at the Double Stuf, grab two boxes: one classic and one eccentric so that you can have the best of both worlds!