The best breakfast franchise of your childhood is getting a frozen makeover. This week, Post announced that PEBBLES is going frozen. Yes, that means that both Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES light ice creams are rolling out this month. These new ice cream combos boast rich chocolate and vanilla cereal milk ice creams, with rice cereal bits, and a decadent fruity or fudge swirl.

I’ve taken it upon myself, as the resident ice cream lover, to make a Cocoa Pebbles milkshake with the new cocoa ice cream and chocolate milk. Do yourself a favor and try this ice cream.

You can expect to see the new ice creams hitting the freezer aisles starting this month. Each flavor will be available at a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a 48-ounce container. You can also find Fruity PEBBLES light ice cream in 14-ounce containers for $2.99. So are you team fruity, or team cocoa?