Frozen foods aren't always viewed as healthy or substantial, but as a college student they're super easy and convinient. Since my transition from meat-eater to vegeterian, I've found a whole new outlook when it comes to frozen foods. There are so many different options from burgers to pizza; all that I had no idea about until recently. It's amazing how a simple stroll around the grocery store could change my diet completely. Here's a list of my favorite frozen vegan and vegetarian alternatives. 

1. Gardein Meatless Meatballs

My first time purchasing these meatless meatballs was a spur of the moment decision. I wasn't completely sold on the fact that there could possibly be meatballs as good as the ones my mom made when I was younger. The first bite into these meatless delicacies was a complete shock to me. The consistency was very similar to meat, but not so much that it made me question the contents of the meatball. I've since purchased these for a second time and I love them. 

2. Amy's Tofu Scramble & Garden Vegetable Lasagna 

Both of these items are on the top of my list of lazy meals. I am the first to decide to sleep without eating if I'm too tired to cook. Instead, I'll pop one of these into the microwave and have an instant meal! They're amazing and, as a cheese lover, these are perfect. 

3. Morning Star Farm Spicy Black Bean Burger 

Black bean burgers are literally the best possible alternative that could possibly exist. Morning Star has perfected these burgers and they also sell a few more such as the classic American burger and the garden burger. I will be trying as many of these as possible in the near future. 

4. Amy's Organic Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup

Although this isn't a frozen item, I had to throw it in here. Freeze it if you want, but this soup is undefeated. Amy's is truly onto something special here. This is the best soup I have ever come across! I would usually pair this with a black bean burger, but if I'm not super hungry I will eat it alone with chips or fruit. The rice and beans are so filling and the soup is so flavorful to be so low in calories.

Walks around my local Kroger are so beneficial. Headphones in, examining the aisles and picking up the items I wouldn't usually purchase have become my usual activities in the grocery store. If you're tired of eating the same things all the time, try a few of these overlooked items.