You don't have to be Charlie Brown to plan an epic Friendsgiving feast. Friendsgiving, basically a Thanksgiving themed dinner with your friends, is one of the best excuses to catch up with everyone. Here are some tips for making the most out of this unofficial, but completely necessary holiday.

1. Make a Guest List

Though it may seem obvious to invite your friends to a Friendsgiving, making a guest list is always a good idea. Knowing who's coming can not only save you a lot of money and time, but also keep things organized, and under control. You don't have to invite every friend to celebrate with you; simply the ones you truly enjoy spending time with. 

2. Pick a Place

Anna Palazzi

I typically enjoy my Friendsgiving at my house (aka where my parents live). However, if you're self-sufficient and killin' the game, feel free inviting your friends to your own apartment or house. Just make sure wherever you go has some sentimental value to your friends: the homier, the better.

3. Celebrate Post-Thanksgiving

This is the most essential piece of advice I can give you. Don't stress yourself out prior to actual Thanksgiving. You probably have enough going on with crazy relatives. Enjoy the meal with family and close friends, and once it is over, put those delicious leftovers to use with your crew. 

4. Send Customized Invitations

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Anna Palazzi

Invitations always make things more official. There are several awesome sites, like this one, where you can make customized cards for free. Include the time, date, place and what to bring on the invitation so that your guests are prepared. Oh, and don't forget to include RSVP contact information. 

5. Give Thanks

Finally, remember that the whole idea of Friendsgiving is to cherish the time you spend together with the people you love. There are many ways to show how grateful you are for your friends; a letter, a present or simply a hug, can go a long way.