When moving into your first apartment, you’re going to need some essential pantry staples. While this may seem like an absurdly difficult thing to do, here's where you should start, as told by Marissa Dobbins from FreshDirect.

1. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Retailing for $15 on FreshDirect's website, Bees Knee's Spicy Honey combines the sweetness of your everyday honey with the hotness of your standard hot sauce. Think of this as getting two products in one, but not really. 

2. Cholula Hot Sauce

Clocking in at around $6 per standard 5fl oz bottle, Cholula doesn't fail when it comes to providing your meals with a little extra heat to it. Just be careful to not go overboard with it, though; unless breathing like a dragon is your thing, then you do you.

3. Haven's Kitchen Red Pepper Romanesco

Retailing for $7 per pouch, Haven's Kitchen's Red Pepper Romanesco is meant to either be used as a sauce or as a dip for your dishes not only to add flavor to whatever it is that you're eating but to also make yourself appear to be more of an actual chef than you really are.

4. Jack's Quality Organic Garbanzo Beans

The great thing about beans is that they come in high quantity and are affordable. Retailing at $1.69 per box, you can either have Jack's beans as something to munch on or as a form of protein in your meals. 

5. Just FreshDirect Olio Novello

Retailing for $20 per 33.8fl oz bottle, you're never going to run out of this basic cooking oil. Not only do you need a basic cooking oil to use so that your food doesn't stick to the pan while cooking, but also so your food doesn't taste as if it came out of an Easy Bake Oven.

6. Just FreshDirect Raw Almonds

nut, meat, almond, walnut, apricot pits
Christin Urso

Retailing for $9 per 16oz bag, Just FreshDirect's almonds just aren't meant for snacking on, as for they're also meant for baking purposes and for the occasional salad for whenever you're feeling healthy.

7. La Colombe Coffee Roasters Nizza Whole Bean Coffee

With a box of this whole bean coffee retailing for $13 on FreshDirect, you can now make your morning coffee at home without breaking the bank. The great thing about La Colombe's coffee is that it's smooth, not too sweet, and doesn't taste like burnt water.

8. Mina Shakshuka Sauce

Retailing at $9 per jar on FreshDirect's website, Mina's Shakshuka Sauce serves a purpose when it comes to brunch, lunch, dinner, or whenever you're in the mood to make some shakshuka (duh). Don't mistake it for your standard tomato sauce, because unlike dull tomato sauce, Mina's Shakshuka Sauce is actually spiced. 

9. Original Oatly Oatmilk

Retailing for around $4 per 32fl oz carton, Oatly's Original Oatmilk is a vegan alternative to your standard yet boring soy and almond milk. Besides, oats are healthy for you, and the oatmilk itself can be used with your cereal that us millennials are accused of not eating

10. Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter

Retailing at $3.59 per stick of butter, Vermont Creamery's Cultured Butter not only has sea salt crystals in it, but it's also guaranteed to be fresh for one whole month after it's delivered to your doorstep. The texture of the butter is creamy (duh), but it doesn't lack in taste and pairs well with most dishes. 

All of these items are available on FreshDirect for your lazy days, or when you're too busy to go out and shop for yourself. The great thing about FreshDirect is that they're there for you during those stressful moving times in which we all swear that we're not stressed when in reality, we're more stressed out than we're willing to admit.