Let’s face it, the Farmers’ Market is simply the best thing about Georgetown (sorry Jack!). Every Wednesday people arrive in droves to eat and drink their way through campus, stopping at just about every vendor, imagining a life without Leo’s. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the whole experience can be a little overwhelming. Fear not! This is the definitive guide to the Farmers’ Market.

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Photo by Scott Harrington

The first step on your path to culinary enlightenment is understanding all that there is to offer. This year’s Farmers’ Market introduces a few exciting new vendors (crepes anyone?) while saying goodbye to some old favorites (R.I.P. Indigo). From breads to beets, pickles to paella, this year’s market offers the most diverse line-up yet! Here’s all you need to know to look like a pro.

Ashton Farms and Agora Farms

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Photo by Scott Harrington

If you’re in the mood for some fresh produce, Ashton Farms and Agora Farms are there to satisfy your craving. Offering local vegetables, fresh cheeses, and natural honey, Agora Farms has all the produce you need. In the mood for fresh fruit? Ashton Farms is the place for you.

Upper Crust Bakery

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Looking for that extra oomph in your next sandwich? Hit up Upper Crust Bakery for a variety of fresh breads baked daily by Chris, or head over to Fresh Crunch for all of your pickled needs.

Lunch Options

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Need to grab a quick lunch? You’ll have a variety of options: Margaret’s, Borekg, Geppetto Catering, The Hilltoss and Luke’s Lobster all offer delicious meals. Bringing some soul food that Georgetown seriously lacks, Margaret’s is there to satisfy your southern craving. In the mood for BBQ? Geppetto Catering can take care of you! Looking for a little international flair? Head to Borekg for some delicious Turkish meals. If you’re seeking out a rich, buttery heaven, go make some new friends with the lovely people at Luke’s Lobster. If something lighter appeals, try out the Corp’s latest salad service: The Hilltoss.


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How about a sweet treat on a hot day? Look no further than Lulu’s Ice Cream and The Sweetest Surrender. Lulu’s Ice cream offers liquid-nitrogen ice cream made on the spot, and The Sweetest Surrender will cool you down with fresh sorbet, smoothies and even cakes! If you need some healthy gluten-free and vegan snacks, Lil’s Lite Bytes has your goods.

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Finally, if you just can’t decide on sweet or savory, check out Rhita’s Crepes or Les Caprices de Joelle. Rhita’s offers sweet and savory crepes that are sure to please your taste buds, while Les Caprices de Joelle (the waffle man) doles out tantalizing liege waffles and paella.

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Photo by Scott Harrington