The best days of the year fall between December 1st and December 25th. These are the days when you can sit on the couch all day long watching TV with a valid excuse–Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas, a true Christmas treat that brings joy to all. What else brings joy to all? Drinking. So let’s combine the two for a very merry 25 days. 

1. Take a sip every time...

· Someone says “Santa” or “Christmas”

· There’s a dog in a cute Christmas costume

·There’s a family hug

· Someone gets pelted with a snowball

· You see a red nose (Rudolf, person playing in the snow, Santa, etc.)

· There’s a Nutcracker song playing in the background of a commercial

2. Take a shot every time...

· Santa takes a shot

· Someone eats a ridiculous amount of candy

· A star or angel gets put on top of the tree

· Someone buys or decorates a tree

· Santa asks someone what they want for Christmas

3. Chug every time...

· Someone drinks eggnog or hot chocolate

4. Finish your drink when...

· People kiss while it snows (#goals?)

· Someone asks when you will get off the couch, how long you have been sitting there, or how many movies you've watched

Even if Christmas isn’t your cup of eggnog, drinking makes everything more enjoyable. Friendly Spoon tip? Drink responsibly and don’t get run over by a reindeer.