Whenever my friends and I go to a Mexican restaurant, there's no question about it—we're getting queso. Honestly, I've even seen one of my friends pick up the bowl and drink it (although, that may or may not have been the margaritas kicking in.) So today, I'm seriously freaking out, because Moe's is giving out free queso. This is not a drill. Here's everything you need to know about Moe's Free Queso Day. 

How to Get Free Cheese

Today, Sept. 21 is Free Queso Day at Moe's Southwest Grill, and that means you can get a free 6 oz. cup of that spicy, melty cheese with a side of chips. The best part is that no purchase is necessary, you just have to walk on in and ask for it. Although, who can resist ordering a Moe's burrito to dip into that queso? Not me. 

You Can Also Win Moe's "Free Queso For Life"

If one day of free queso is just not enough for you, you're greedy af. Just kidding. But seriously, if it's not enough, you can win free queso for life by signing up for a sweepstakes on the Moe's Facebook page. 

Heads up, you'll have to scroll down a bit (to Sept. 5 exactly) to find the sweepstakes post, but it's there and you can totally still enter. 

Call Up Moe's 24-hour Queso Hotline at 1-855-440-6337 

If you have a real addiction to queso, you can call Moe's 24-hour Queso Hotline at 1-855-440-6337 and dish out your cheesiest confessions. Tbh, not really sure why you would do this beyond just venting your feelings. However, according to a press release, you can call to share a confession about "how much queso you've eaten in one sitting, how often you think about eating queso, the weirdest food you put queso on, and the craziest queso-related thing you've ever done." 

So, whether you're absolutely queso obsessed or you've never tried Moe's queso before (gasp!), today is your day to get a free cup of it. I'm currently trying to convince my lactose-intolerant friends to go and hand theirs over.