Celebrating our nation’s independence is certainly important. And what better way to show your stripes than to create and enjoy patriotic treats right here on campus? With a combination of cunning DDS hacks, in-town splurges, and things you may already have in your dorm, you have the power to create and enjoy a myriad of America-inspired culinary delights with minimal effort and maximum deliciousness.

STEAL: Straws ’n’ Stripes

Foco is serving lots of red fruit this season, and that means you’re about to hit the patriotic jackpot! Serve up some sweet strawberries along side smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream for a cool and festive treat, or go all-out America-style and enjoy some strawberries and fluff with a sugar cookie for a star-shaped and incredibly sweet summer treat.

Photo by Rebecca Schantz

STEAL: Get Patri-SHOT-ic

This creation is a bit more involved, but definitely worth the effort. Swing by Topside and pick up a package of blue JELL-O. Then grab some ketchup cups on the way out of Collis. Head back to your dorm and prepare the JELL-O according to the box instructions, except replace half of the water with your alcohol or juice of choice (and don’t stir it in until after the plain water and JELL-O mixture has cooled to room temperature!). Pour the mixture into the ketchup cups (or real shot glasses if you’re feeling fancy) and freeze for about 4 hours. When you’re ready to party, remove shots from the freezer and top, optionally, with a dollop of Cool Whip and a Swedish Fish for a celebratory drink you can feel truly American about!

Photo by Lauren Harris

STEAL: Breakfast Revolution

If a red, white and blue breakfast parfait is more your style than a Foco dessert, then Collis should be your destination this Friday morning. Grab a vanilla Greek yogurt from the fridge and then ask for a small cup of blueberries and strawberries at the smoothie station. Assemble your parfait by alternating levels of yogurt, blueberries and strawberries. Garnish with a couple berries and a sprinkle of raw sugar. Freedom is sweet.


SPLURGE: Feeling Ameri-cone

If you’d rather hit the town and splurge on something cool and delicious, Morano Gelato has just the treat for you. They posted this gorgeous picture of a truly patriotic delight, which includes forest berry and sweet cream gelato flavors. Garnished with a jaunty blue spoon, even this cool and creamy Italian treat will taste like the American dream.

Photo by Morano Gelato