Being home to over 500 bars, restaurants, and food places can make you a pretty popular place to be. This kind of variety is a dream come true for foodies, making it the dream for anyone looking for a food-tastic date idea.

Dating is already difficult. Where do you find a person? How do you talk to them? How do you know if they are looking for the same thing as you? 

All of these are truly fair points, but the biggest one is: what do you do for a date?

Sure, there's seeing a movie and then dinner, but what makes that any different then the last time you went out with someone? Or when you went out with your friends?

It’s a slippery slope of ensuring that you both have a good time, and hopefully it highlights their interests too. And, let’s be real, food is always a good way to go about it. So, mix it up while also keeping other people’s comfort levels into consideration.

Just playing around:

If you are into gaming and are always looking to make a competition out of things, Right Around the Corner Arcade Brewery & Craft Beer Bar is a great way to showcase your skills with a joystick. The arcade themed bar features games such as Mrs. Pac-Man and Galaga, and incorporates pinball and Super Mario Bros.

The highlights are not just the games, but the craft beer. With a menu dubbed the “Greatest Tap-list in the World,” the names of the brews are definitely attention grabbers. Oreo Cookie Milk Stout and Birthday Cake Blonde are sure to make the night memorable.

Fondue for Two:

chocolate, sweet, cream
Lily Lou

Following the now-trending-on-TikTok date idea videos, this one works for anyone. Melted cheese and melted chocolate really sets the mood and gives you the ability to show off your skills in the kitchen.

Serve the cheese with apples, breads, carrots and celery and the chocolate with marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and Rice Krispies Treats. Pair the meal with a movie and pillow fort for bonus points.

Spill the Beans:

If you have already had the conversation about what their Hogwarts House is, Beans and Barlour is a spot to take them. As St. Petersburg’s only craft coffee lounge and desert bar specializing in made from scratch alcohol-infused ice cream, this is a great place to hang out and split some drinks.

The photo opportunities as well as the warm home vibes create a comfortable environment to get to know each other. And the menu is vegan friendly, and offers non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Go for Launch:

Adelaide Green

Talk about a trip to candy land. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop has any flavor of soda you can think of, and candy poring out all over the place. This shop is amazing if you're interested in doing a soda version of Bean-boozled.

Pick two flavors of soda each, one that sounds amazing and one that is the weirdest, and try them together. With flavors like Martian Soda and Butter Soda, there are sure to be some unique experiences shared together.