How many of us have heard that frozen vegetables are less healthy than fresh ones, or that coffee helps a hangover? Some of the most common food “facts” aren’t actually facts: here, Spoon walks you through four of the most common food myths.

1. Egg Whites are the Healthier Option

Many people who want to watch what they eat will choose egg whites instead of the yolk. The truth is, while egg whites have less calories than the yolk, choosing to omit the yolk also means choosing to forgo most of the nutritional value of the egg. Egg yolks contain protein, vitamins A, E and D, as well as a number of vital nutrients. Because of this, eating an entire egg will keep you full for longer. If you only eat the egg whites, you will be hungrier much sooner, and more prone to snacking. So next time you get in the omelette line at Leo’s, go for the whole egg!


Photo by Scott Harrington

2. Fresh Vegetables are More Nutritious than Frozen Ones

This one seems logical. Why would you choose something frozen when you have a fresh option? Well, it depends on where you get your produce from. If you choose to wait for the GU Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, buy as much as you can! However, if you are getting your produce from a supermarket, these vegetables have most likely traveled a considerable distance before ending up on the shelves, losing much of their nutrients along the way. Frozen vegetables are harvested and immediately flash frozen, thus sealing in the nutrients. Frozen vegetables also tend to be cheaper than fresh ones, helping you stock your Henle fridge with some healthy options on a budget.

3. Artificial Sweetener is Better than Sugar

Picture yourself at UG or MUG: one of your fellow classmates has just expertly crafted a latte for you, and you make your way over to the milk and sugar. Your dilemma: Do you go for the real sugar in all its caloric glory? Or do you go for the artificial sweetener that will do the job just as well as the real stuff? With artificial sweetener, you may be consuming fewer calories, but you’re also taking in a whole host of chemicals that could potentially do more harm to your body than the few extra calories. Next time you reach for a Splenda packet, you may be better off with the real thing.


Photo by Le Yi (Alice) Zhou, Courtesy of Spoon University Cornell

4. A Cup of Coffee and a Cold Shower Equals Sobriety

Had a rough night at Rhino? Need to sober up ASAP? A cup of coffee and a cold shower should do it, right? Wrong! For a long time, it’s been the belief of college students and adults alike that a cup of joe is a great way to sober up. However, not only will coffee not sober you up, it could actually make your hangover worse. Since coffee dehydrates you, you might end up with more nausea and a worse headache. That shower may make you feel a little more awake, but avoid the coffee, and instead get some food in your stomach and try to nap it off.