Gone are the days of unread messages and confusing dinner plans with a huge group. ForkOut is a new app that is meant to make your life easier and simplifies going out to eat with friends.

You can search based on a certain mile radius from your current location, and restaurants in the area will pop up. You can search based cuisine, most popular, or price. Then, create a group of the friends you're going out with. It's seriously so easy, and way less stressful.

Political Preferences Have No Importance in This Voting

Once you select a few restaurants, your friends can vote on options. There's also a messaging feature within the app, so you don't have to worry about group messages and individual texts. 

A Word From the Founders

Lida Tang and Caleb Singer, began this Boston-based company with a goal of ease a simplicity when planning to go out with friends. 

"ForkOut is made for college students’ hectic lifestyle. You can send a ForkOut invite and decide on lunch all in a few minutes while you are running to the next class. We wanted the app to make it easier for you to hang out with friends and share amazing food around Boston," said Tang.

And it's much more than just a list of places to go. ForkOut is invested in communities and is dedicated to working with local restaurants.

“Working with local restaurants is an amazing experience. No local restaurant is the same, each having its own unique culture, taste, and feel. So many of our favorite moments happen at restaurants with our friends over a meal or drinks. ForkOut gives local restaurants the ability to connect with the best customer segment for them, and works behind the scenes to make sure those customers become repeat customers," said Singer. 

“I’m so proud of the team for building such a seamless product. We’ve worked so hard on ensuring that ForkOut benefits both our users, and local restaurants, and the feedback so far has been tremendous," said Singer. 

So download ForkOut and add your friends, and try it for yourself. Unfortunately, the task of paying at a group meal will most likely never be easy, but at least there's a better way to decide on a restaurant now.