Since the legalization of recreational weed in eight different states, the insane craze to chow down on pot brownies has shifted to desiring a more stable, calming effect. We've seen teas, hot chocolate, K-Cups, but the newest product that's super #trendy? Cannabis instant coffee by Stillwater.

PSL just might have a new rival on the block.

Meet the Makers

Stillwater Brands produces a variety of cannabis-infused coffees and teas. The company was co-founded by Justin Singer and Jeremy Goldstein after Justin’s grandmother asked him to procure a marijuana brownie. With old age came aches and pains, and she wanted something to help her deal with everyday pain. But she didn't smoke, and, with her diabetes, most edibles weren’t a preferred choice for her.

And, of course, he had to help Gran Gran. Grandmothers are important, ya know?

She wanted to feel better. She wanted to feel relaxed, feel at ease, and, most importantly, feel safe. The solution was obvious: teas. And that's how the company started: with an idea for judgement-free, reliable, consumption for those who just need a little calm in their lives.

Neat, But How'd They Pull It Off?

That's a great question, because THC (the component that mainly gets you high) and CBD (the component that makes you relaxed) are oils—they aren't too keen on water. So, for months, Stillwater Brands worked to emulsify the extract oil; basically, they break down the oils and wrap the tiny particles in emulsifiers that love the water. Because it's water-soluble, your body is able to absorb it more readily into the bloodstream.

Basically, the company worked to produce a fast-acting, easy-to-use product that would give you a consistent calming effect without the fear of a bad high or judgement. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The New Product: Clockwork Coffee

While they mostly stuck to teas and dissolvable cannabinoids, Stillwater Brands just released a new product: the first cannabis instant coffee sticks. With the ideal balance of caffeine and THC, they're made so you can wake without the shakes. Clear-headedness without the crash.

The line of coffee sticks comes in two doses. Balanced 5 has 5mg each of THC and CBD for a calmer, more mellow start to your day. The other, Pure 10, has 10mg of THC for a stronger jolt of stress-melting energy. Both are made with 100% Colombian coffee and are free of sugar, calories, and fat.

More reasons we love them already? Convenience and versatility. Cannabis instant coffee sticks dissolve in water: no need to buy a super fancy coffee-maker, and you can just throw them in your bag and go. You want it iced? You got it. Need a warm cup to wake you up? Heat up some water and that's it. Clockwork Coffee was made not just to suit your busy lifestyle, but to enhance it.

A Personal Opinion

Personally, I cannot relate more to the message behind this product. Everyone gets stressed, and some people want a lil something to help them relax. I've smoked marijuana before, and my experiences with it have made me hesitant to try it again—I became anxious, not relaxed, and the high was far from mellow.

To know I'd be getting a reliable, consistent calm with every consumption makes me feel much safer. And for those who want relief from pain, this seems a super responsible way to feel eased from suffering. Cannabis instant coffee is def a trend I'd get behind.