Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, and of course, gnarly surf. But there is more to this tropical paradise than just its scenery. Hawaii has some of the best food and restaurants that are definitely worth visiting. So start packing your suitcase because it’s time to say “aloha” to all the fresh food and drinks Hawaii has to offer.

Splasher's Grill 

chocolate, syrup, cream, waffle
Steph Auble

The best breakfast in all of Kona is found right here at Splasher's. Whether you dive into a flakey blueberry waffle covered in whipped cream or eggs benedict with creamy Hollandaise sauce, be sure to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee to wash down your breakfast. It's a big island staple.

Donkey Ball Store

This store sits along the coast of Kona and sells its famous Donkey Balls. Okay, I know what you're thinking, but these chocolate covered macadamia nuts are perfect for a crunchy snack while you’re on the way to the beach. You can also pack them for a hike by the falls. They even come in multiple (and hilarious) flavors like salty and blue balls at the Donkey Ball Store.

Quinn's Almost By The Sea

Check out Quinn's for fish tacos as well as their famous fish and chips. This Kona restaurant assures you that the fish is caught straight from the Pacific and served to your plate. 

Scandinavian Shave Ice

If you thought snow cones were good, try adding ice cream into the mix and enjoying some Hawaiian shaved ice. At Scandinavian Shave Ice you can pick any snow cone flavor such as passion fruit, coconut, and guava. Some other special flavors include "love in a cup" (fruit punch) and "tiger's blood" (strawberry). 

Chillin’ By the Bay

beer, tea, ice
Steph Auble

Chillin’ By the Bay has the best Mai Tais in Kona. The sweet and tangy taste is perfect for just sitting back and catching the Island sunset.

So hopefully now you just purchased a one-way plane ticket to food paradise.