Valentine's Day is once again upon us. If you're like most people, you might have been a little too busy to find the perfect gift for your sweetie before this holiday arrived. Now, it's the day-of and you are looking for something to show just how much you care, but—oh no!—all of the chocolates at the store are sold out! No worries because here are a list of other foods to give your Valentine that are NOT chocolates!

Chicken Nuggets

This year, Chick-fil-A is offering a heart-shaped tin of 30 chicken nuggets or 10 chicken nugget minis. Pick up a package today to show your honey just how much you cluckin' love them.


If your Valentine likes to eat heart-y meals, this heart-shaped bacon cheeseburger is a great idea! You can make it at home if you're having a date-night-in for an impressive yet low-key meal.

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Instead of getting lost in each other's eyes this year, get lost in the swirls of a cinnamon roll! Cinnabon's warm and gooey cinnamon rolls are a great way to show someone you love them and want them to be happy. 


Your local pizza place will be able to help you get a heart-shaped pizza in 30 minutes or less if you're running late for that special date! It's the perfect way to show your Valentine that you might be a little cheesy, but they've got a pizza your heart!


Show your love that you donut know what you would do without them with a dozen donuts from your favorite local donut shop. There are plenty of heart-shaped, pink and red, chocolate-y and strawberry flavored donuts for you to mix it up with, too!

Mac 'n Cheese

This one is an easy one to do yourself. Just make/pick up some mac 'n cheese in a round aluminum container, then pinch one end into a point and the other to point in, making a heart! It's guaranteed to make your love's heart melt!


Breakfast for dinner could make a great Valentine's date. You can either make them yourself or order IHOP'NGO and get $5 off your first order. Save some money and show your significant other that you are syrupy sweet!

Chips and Dip

Show your sweetie-pie that you value your relationchip by getting them some chips and dip to share. Whether you like guac, salsa, queso, or some other dip, your local Chipotle/Moe's/Qdoba will have your back! 


Sushi is a classic date-night meal, but getting some heart-shaped sushi is a great way to make it special for Valentine's Day! If your local sushi place doesn't have heart-shaped sushi, you can always just arrange it in a heart shape on your plate. It's a great way to say to your love that there may be plenty of fish in the sea, but you're glad they swam to you.

There are plenty of foods to give your Valentine that are not chocolate this Valentine's Day. I hope I have inspired some creativity that will help spice up your love life and make your sweetie even sweeter on you. If you try any of these, or have any suggestions of your own, send them to us on Instagram @spoon_bulldogs. Happy Valentine's Day!