Last week, I got sick with a cold before a date with a cute guy, and I ultimately had to cancel. It sucked more than a monstrous headache and runny nose that was torturing me. I admit it—I take horrible care of myself. And when I try to put in the (forced) effort to get rid of my sickness, it's often too late. Get ahead of the sickness and don't learn the hard way, like me.

Here are some of the worst foods to eat or drink when you're sick.

1. Orange Juice

when life gives you lemon, make lemonade, by Kristina M M | Unsplash

kristinam on unsplash

Contrary to what you might think, orange juice is more harmful than beneficial when you have a prolonging cough and sore throat. According to Nutrition expert and author Michael Klaper, MD, orange juice "may burn the already-inflamed membranes in your throat." That means it'll take even longer for your throat to heal and you won't be singing karaoke anytime soon. 

2. Milk

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Athena Huynh

Milk may contain the calcium that our bodies need for strong bones and muscles, but when you're sick, you definitely need to avoid milk. Drinking milk causes your body to thicken your mucus and phlegm, making your throat even more uncomfortable and irritated. If you feel congested and stuffy, skip the milk and drink water instead.

3. Sweets

Athena Huynh

This might be a no-brainer, but I used to get in big trouble if I was caught eating a chocolate chip cookie while having a 104-degree fever. The sugar in these sweets weakens your immune system at a time like this. 

Kristine Arthur, MD, an internist at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center says that "eating refined sugar can temporarily suppress your white blood cells’ ability to fight off bacteria." You need your white blood cells to be stronger than ever, so skip the sweet treats. Your dentist would also agree.

4. Eggs

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Athena Huynh

There's nothing physically harmful about eating eggs when you're sick, as there are no scientific sources that prove an effect on your sore throat or a cough, but somehow the aroma will get to you. It's most likely the smell that gets to your stomach and makes you extremely queasy or nauseous. It could also be a symptom of a food allergy. 

It may suck if some of these are your favorite foods, but you need to avoid them when you're sick. Think of it as a chance for you to get better so that you don't have to cancel on your next date.