You may have recently visited health services to make sure that cough wasn’t anything special, but I can guarantee that they most likely didn’t recognize the signs of the newest epidemic. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it hear first. Something is infecting us, and you better diagnose it before its too late. It’s a little outbreak I’d like to call “the Foodie Syndrome.”

Afraid you’ve caught the bug? Here are a few common signs that you’ve got it bad. Hard-core like a red delicious apple.

Food is the only motivator

The only way that your friends can guarantee that you’re going to be somewhere is by offering food. Any kind of food will do but free food particularly.

Food documentaries are your Netflix watch history

Whenever you’ve got some down time, you spring for another food documentary. Food Inc.? Check. Supersize Me? Check. Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Check check check. And when you’re at the gym and need a little motivation? The Food Network is your channel.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

Food Porn Friday is a very real factor in your life 

Don’t lie. You compulsively take pictures of every meal that you have and probably post all of these pictures on Instagram or Tumblr. You’ll also probably get a lot of likes because the majority of your followers and friends are foodies too.

All of your plans involve food

Knowing the time and location of your next meal is essential, and you probably check the online dining hall menus for the best looking dinner. Because, let’s be honest, you don’t eat to live; you live to eat.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

Traveling has a new definition

The only real reason you go on vacation is to try new food. Delicious, new food. Basically you want your life to be like Eat, Pray, Love. Emphasis on the “eat.”

You laughed at the bad pun that I made

We foodies think alike. If you didn’t catch it, then don’t worry. It was that bad.

You’re probably eating as you’re reading this

Because…well…food? That’s reason enough. Right?


Photo by Katherine Carroll

Procrastination involves food blogs

Other than documentaries, food blogs are your go to source of procrastination. Maybe you’ve even subscribed to a few. Joy the BakerSmitten Kitchen? David LebovitzAnd of course you’ve already subscribed to Spoon University (and in case you haven’t, get on it. Food is food. Why else would you be here?)

Did any of these hit home with you?
I’ve got bad news: You’ve been diagnosed with “The Foodie Syndrome.” Beware it may be contagious.


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