Instagram is the hottest social media platform out there today, but sometimes we just get bored of seeing the same old photos of our friends, buildings, nature and sub-par food. Luckily, Spoon is here to help reinvigorate your Instagram feed. Check out seven of our top Instagram picks below, and be sure to click each picture to take you to the full post. Bon appetit!

1. Goop (@goop)
Goop is arguably Gwyneth Paltrow’s biggest achievement (although we really appreciated her as Pepper Potts in Iron Man). Bright lighting, clean lines and great diversity in subject matter always makes us double-click Goop’s pics!

kale-ing it. day 3 lunch with the fresh produce in our kitchen. #goopcleanse @cleanprogram

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2. Martha Stewart (@marthastewart) As the undisputed queen of food and lifestyle tips, this list would not be complete without ol’ Martha. We love her use of bright colors and well-placed hashtags, but what we love the most is that she is 73 years old and Instagrams like a hip and chic 25-year-old. I guess we can only hope we’ll be as cool as her when we’re 73… 

3. Food Network (@foodnetwork)
This beloved TV channel’s Instagram account is sly marketing at its best because every post has a link to the recipe on their site. But we’re okay with that because a link to the recipe means we’re able to actually eat the food, not just look at it. It’s perhaps the only account that doesn’t just leave us drooling like puppies. Well done, Food Network.

4. Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) As I scrolled down JO’s Instagram, I found a pattern: he tailors his lighting to the seasons! His summer posts are bright and vibrant, and his more recent posts have used the “vignette” and “contrast” features on Instagram to create a dark ambience. That talent plus mouthwatering food pictures makes Jamie a surefire choice for this list.

5. Ben & Jerry’s (@benandjerrys)

Who doesn’t love ice cream? A well-balanced mix of pints and cones, creative backgrounds and the sheer existence of ice cream make this account my personal favorite– it’s almost as good as actually eating a pint.

Hit refresh.

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6. DC Food Porn (@dcfoodporn) Clever captions, high-quality photos and all of our favorite foods make #dcfoodporn an easy favorite. With its inclusion of classic local food spots such as Baked and Wired and Sweetgreen (among many others), this account makes us proud to be Washingtonians! (Psst… it’s even run by one of our photographers!)

@shophouse = @chipotlemexicangrill on steroids #dcfoodporn A photo posted by #dcfoodporn (@dcfoodporn) on

7. Spoon Georgetown and Spoon University (@spoon_gu, @spoonuniversity)

I’m taking after Food Network on this one and doing a little sly marketing of my own. But really, Spoon Georgetown and Spoon University are some of the best food accounts out there. The posts are also great for free giveaways and free events on Georgetown’s campus. Not a Hoya? Check out your own university’s Spoon Instagram!