Let’s face it, we all have those days where we want nothing more than to remain in the comfort of our dorms or apartments; whether we’re doing homework, about to take a post-class nap or simply snuggling in bed to binge on Netflix. But then comes the challenge: we hear our grumbling stomachs, reminding ourselves that we haven’t eaten since the night before, and we’re forced to choose between leaving our comfy beds for the hectic streets of the city or calling it a day and ordering in.

As much as we’d love to claim that we forced ourselves to part from our House of Cards episode, most of us would probably settle for the latter. As if the decision of leaving our rooms wasn’t enough, we’re now faced with the second challenge: what to eat?

Am I feeling Thai tonight? Or how about Mexican? Maybe I just want a simple sandwich. But I always get the same thing… And by the time you’ve exhausted all your options, you could’ve already been done eating.

FoodGem, a subscription delivery meal service as well as an online food magazine, is dedicated to finding hidden “gems” around NYC and having their delicious foods delivered right to your door. No longer will you have to spend 30 minutes on Seamless deciding what to eat, as FoodGem does it for you.


After subscribing, you select a food preference (international, vegetarian, vegan, popular, meat lovers, seafood, etc), and then you’re run through a quiz which enables FoodGem to formulate a list of restaurants and foods that adhere to your food preferences, such as what nationality of cuisine you prefer, or what allergies or aversions you have, etc. You may not always be craving pizza or a salad, and therefore FoodGem allows you to change your preference 24 hours before their delivery.

Once the quiz is finished, you’ll choose your neighborhood and FoodGem will choose among the many hidden gems around you and have their foods delivered at your selected time. You can choose one lunch and one dinner delivery time, any day of the week at any hour of the day.

For those foodies, FoodGem also has an online magazine where you can follow their journey on several restaurant tastings and see the many restaurants that partner with FoodGem in delivering new and delicious meals to you.

So go ahead and stay under those comfy blankets (I know you don’t want to move after reading this article) and try out FoodGem. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite Pad Thai or realize that shrimp jambalaya really is the best food ever.