When I was a child, I fell sick often; due to weather changes, due to virus spread in school, even due to bad food! And sure enough, my mom had a cure for every single sickness of mine. She made amazing dishes that miraculously made me feel better after having just one serving.

Here I've included some of the main foods my mom used to make when I fell sick.

1) Porridge (aka Khichadi)

You all might be familiar with this particular dish. This has all kinds of lentils, pulses and legumes, which are high in protein, so this are extremely good for us. It helps with fever indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. This is very beneficial if consumed everyday as breakfast.

You can have it sweet (along with nutritious fruits), as well as savory. My mom used to make savory porridge with turmeric in it. Turmeric has added health benefits.

Below are some suggestions of both sweet as well as savory porridge you can try out by yourself.

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2) Turmeric Milk

Even though we hate the taste of this, we cannot help but admit that this drink has cured us of even the most difficult fever and cold! My mom used to get innovative and tried so many different modifications of this drink, just to get me interested in drinking it. My favorite version of this actually has no milk! It's just water, a little bit of ginger, a pinch of turmeric, and lemon juice! Boil this up and you have obtained a recipe to beat the harsh winters! I drink this regularly during winters

Turmeric milk is truly the most magical drink. It cures fever, cold and cough, and most importantly it helps to increase immunity. So, the next time, don't hesitate to try out different variations of this healthy drink to suit your taste buds! 

Below I've included both pictures of turmeric milk as well as turmeric tea.

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3) Soup

Be it any soup, soup is soup! my mom always made a rather simple soup of spinach, tomato, pumpkin and sometimes chicken. Soup contains so many ingredients, that exponentially increase its nutritional level, and yet its so easy to consume, just slurp away!

I prefer my soups to be of a watery consistency. But you can have it a little thick too, straining the blend lowers its nutrient content. 

I have included pictures of both watery soup as well as thick ones.

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4) Hot Beverages

Whenever we fall ill, our first instinct is to grab a cup of some hot beverage. Be it tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate, these beverages help with fever or headache. They are extremely popular so you can get them anywhere.

Take a look at these amazing pictures of our favorite beverages!

These were some great recipes we were fed in childhood, by our beloved moms and grandmoms. Don't forget to give them a call asking for their treasured recipes after reading this!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this article.