With hashtags like #tbt and #transformationtuesday, Instagram has made every day of the week seem like one to look forward to. Well, as summer approaches, we might need to make #FTF (Food Truck Friday) a trend, because good news everyone – food truck season is fast approaching. Now, you may assume that finding a food truck in the ol’ Louie would be a fruitless attempt. Oh but you would be so wrong. While St. Louis isn’t as dense with food trucks as maybe New York, LA or Chicago are, we have some great options. Check out our list below for some featured trucks in the metro area. And if you’re really hungry, head to the website showmefoodtrucks.com, a St. Louis food truck tracker that auto-updates every minute.

1. 2Girls4Wheels

Photo courtesy of 2Girls4Wheels

This truck features primarily St. Louis food, ranging from Billy Goat chips to gooey butter squares to Fitz’s root beer. It usually roams the downtown streets, but check the daily updates on Twitter and Facebook for exact locations.

2. Andrew’s Bayou Ribs

Photo courtesy of Andrew’s Bayou Ribs

Andrew’s creations are definitely meaty. In fact, if you’re a vegetarian you better keep walking, because this truck offers only two options: meat or meat. But the St. Louis carnivores’ mouths will start to water when they try the famous apple bratwurst.

3. Sweet Divine Cupcake Truck

Photo courtesy of The Sweet Divine

If you have more of a sweet tooth, the cupcake store located in Benton Park has had a mobile truck since 2011, which they have named “Georgie.” If the fact that they won Cupcake Wars back in 2012 doesn’t convince you, maybe some of their flavors, like Salty Caramel or Java Junkie, will.

4. Walk Away Waffles

Photo courtesy of The St. Louis Food Truck Association

This one might not technically a food truck – if we’re being exact, it’s more of a food van. But no one’s complaining. If you hate the wait for brunch at Half & Half or Winslow’s, nothing is more efficient or delicious than Walk Away Waffles. The Belgian waffles come in an assortment of flavors – from apple-cinnamon to coconut and even pumpkin.

5. Cha Cha Chow

Photo courtesy of Cha Cha Chow

We might be thousands of miles from the Mexican border in land-locked Missouri, but Cha Cha Chow’s eats get you one step closer to Cancun. Tacos comprise most of its menu, but it also offers speciality sandwiches and Mexican iced coffee.

6. Lulu’s Local Eatery

Photo courtesy of Lulu’s Local Eatery

You may think that healthy food and trucks don’t mix well together, but Lulu’s debunks all assumptions that truck food can’t be locally grown and fresh. It offers seasonal menu items, like the Avocado Boat (an avocado filled with quinoa and chipotle sauce) as well as year-round items such as Sweet Potato falafel. Lulu’s has partnered with countless farms in the area as well as local farmer’s markets.


St. Louis food trucks are definitely something to try. We’ve featured six above, but there are so many more: gyro, grilled cheese, crepe, steak, and donut trucks to name a few extra. Ring in the summer with some food on the go. You won’t want to miss out.