Whether it's after a long night out or you are just a little hungry, Pizza Kingdom is the place to go. Located in the center of the town, Pizza Kingdom prides themselves on their extra large, super cheesy pizza slices. I'm not kidding - the slice is bigger than the size of your head. Late night eats are the best, so why not do them at Pizza Kingdom?

Besides their pizza, Pizza Kingdom offers the most unreal tater tots and mozzarella sticks to be found in the area. Yes, you read that correctly - tater tots and mozzarella sticks! Ordering various plates to share is the way to go, so you can enjoy every treat. Late night eats are truly a thing here in College Park. 

I mean if you wanna be healthy, there is a full menu too. But who's counting calories when late night eats are involved? Calories don't count after midnight... right?

Every basic college girl has taken a picture with their pizza. It's just part of the overall experience. My friends at other schools have heard about our late night food tradition in College Park due to its epic reputation. 

Pizza Kingdom is such an awesome social environment and truly a great place to end your night out. When you walk in, whether its at 11 p.m. or 2 a.m., you will see your friends or random people from your classes. It means you had a good night when you end up at Pizza Kingdom.

Pizza Kingdom is not just useful for nights out on the town. Last year, my roommates and I discovered that they delivered -- it was a game changer. On numerous accounts where we were too lazy to leave our room, we simply ordered in. Our cravings were satisfied and we couldn't have been happier!

It's also the move to go to Pizza Kingdom after a tailgate. Pizza during the night is one thing, but pizza after a long day is a whole new level of delicious! This food tradition in College Park is one of a kind. 

When my parents dropped me off for move in, they expressed their desire for pizza. It didn't take me much time to figure out where we should go. Take a wild guess where I took them... Pizza Kingdom! I showed them the ropes and they now understand why I rave about it so much. 

As we walked in, my parents were in awe. Sitting in the display case was a warm slice of cheesy goodness. It shows the true size and texture. Who doesn't want to just devour fresh pizza, regardless of the time of day? Low and behold, my parents became just as obsessed as I am. Once inside, it doesn't take much convincing to fall in love with the huge portions and amazing taste. 

This late night food tradition will never be forgotten, as it is part of my weekly 'going out experience.' I genuinely look forward to ending my night at Pizza Kingdom. 

Next time you're in College Park -- whether you are going out or want to stay in and order -- Pizza Kingdom is the place to go.