For those unfamiliar with Food @ Thayer, it’s a program that brings food vendors into Thayer School during lunch hours on weekdays. From 11 am to 2 pm, Wicked Awesome BBQ, The Metro Bakery & Café, Boloco, Morano Gelato or EBA’s comes to Thayer to sell pre-prepped food.


Photo by Katelyn Jones

The program started this past Fall Term after the former Academic Assistant, Kathy Andress, saw that Thayer students had a difficult time getting proper lunches, often resorting to vending machine snacks to save time. An extensive survey revealed to Larissa Pyer, who took over Kathy’s position, that a food source was very much in demand. Thus launched Food @ Thayer.


Photo by Katelyn Jones

Food @ Thayer has been a huge hit. Larissa said, “Frankly, I was surprised–glad, but surprised–that it was such a success.” Initially, she had expected that there wouldn’t be enough demand to keep the vendors coming.

“I just wanted to be able to say that I had given it 100%,” she said. The result of her effort? Happy, satisfied faculty, staff and students.


Photo by Katelyn Jones

Food @ Thayer will most likely not be in service for the upcoming Summer Term, but will definitely be resuming in the fall. So whether you’re a busy Thayer student or just too lazy to walk into town, come to Thayer for a meal from town that is on campus.


Location: McLean Atrium at Thayer
Hours of Operation: Mon.-Fri. 11am-2pm, Wed. 2:30pm -4pm

Spring Term Schedule (March 24 – May 30)

Monday: Wicked Awesome BBQ
Tuesday: The Metro Bakery & Cafe
Wednesday: Boloco
Thursday: The Metro Bakery & Cafe (11am – 2pm), Morano Gelato (2:30pm-4pm)
Friday: EBA’s