Regardless of your major, campus dining is a quintessential part of the college experience. For Hawks, there is a litany of unspoken dining lessons that you must learn early on to avoid going hungry. Here are nine of the most relatable dining experiences at UHart:

1. Commons

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Caroline Ingalls

Eating at Commons during any part of the day is going to be... interesting to say the least. As the one and only all you can eat buffet style dining hall on campus, it offers a wide variety of choices. Some of which hold the potential to be disconcerting, (dining hall sushi anyone?) Respectfully, Commons does try to appeal to a majority of dietary needs, equipped with a Kosher station, an allergy free room, and at least one or more vegan/vegetarian options at each station. As much as we appreciate their efforts, I don't think even the strictest of vegans is going to touch something called "tofu scramble." 

2. GSU Salad Bar

Known to be one of the quickest places to use up all of your dining dollars, Gengras Student Union salad bar rolls in at over $8 per pound. With a usually impressive line up of unique toppings, it is one of the more expensive dining options on campus. This may very well be your first experience with savvy shopping, as you must carefully peruse the day's selection and determine which ingredients you really can't live without in your salad. 

#SpoonTip: to keep yourself in budget, avoid "heavy-ingredients," such as tomatoes, cucumbers and artichokes. Instead opt for ingredients that are light in weight but nutritionally dense, such as spinach, kale, and chickpeas

3. Einstein's Bros. Bagels

Beatriz Gras

A treasure on many college campuses, Einstein's Bros. Bagels at UHart is especially so, as remains the only place to get a decent bagel around here, (sorry Commons and Starbucks). If you get up in time to order one of their decadent breakfast sandwiches or a heart healthy wrap, you're certainly going to start your day off on the right foot.

And now that they're paired with Caribou coffee, (I'm screaming in excitement), the deliciousness never ends! The only downside is that they are usually super busy and super understaffed. So be patient with the staff and order with plenty of time in advanced. 

#SpoonTip: the best times to order are between 7:30am-8am, 1pm-2pm, or 20 minutes prior to your arrival. 

4. Hawk's Nest

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Tabatha Marks

Vaguely bar themed, and only open from 5pm-10:30pm, Hawk's Nest is a smorgasbord of American classics. Featuring things like; hamburgers, wings, grinders, and onion rings. This dining option actually exists underneath Commons dining hall like some sort of cast-away step-child.

The good part about this dining option is that they've recently added vegan/vegetarian options such as; a grilled veggie patty and a vegan chicken cutlet. And while it's good to treat yourself to some well deserved greasy food after cramming for that Econ test, be careful not to find yourself eating there every night as its an easy way to drain your wallet and pack on the #freshman15. 

5. Late night Subway Fix

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Sam Jesner

Since Subway is the only dining option open past 11pm, it's a the go to place for a pre (or post) bar hopping extravaganza. Open until 1:15am, you can indulge yourself with a sub, salad, wrap, flatbread, or personal pizza at a relatively inexpensive price. But at the end of the day it's nothing unique or necessarily good for you, not to mention the smell of cold cuts takes forever to leave your clothes. 

#SpoonTip: take advantage of the combo meal deals to save on your dining dollars

6. Moe's Southwest Grill

Honestly, I freakin' love the morale in this place, and I'll never get tired of someone yelling, "Welcome to Moe's!" to an unassuming freshman. With witty names like the Homewrecker, John Coctostan, and Wrong Doug, you can fulfill all of your Tex-Mex desires in the heart of GSU. This in my opinion is the only dining option where you get exactly what you paid for; bountiful rice, heaps of seared meat, and a cup of ooey-gooey queso. This place is packed around lunch time but almost always empty around dinner so plan your cravings accordingly!

#SpoonTip: the best time to order is after 1:30 pm or 25 minutes prior to your arrival. 

7. P.O.D Market a.k.a "The Market"

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Amanda Olivero

You know when you go to a really fancy seafood restaurant, and on the menu next to the lobster are the words, "market price," you know it's probably way out of your budget for one meal. You can think of the The Market, in the same way. For a place that puts Whole Food's prices to shame, you really only want to use it for emergencies. They offer many amenities ranging from fresh produce to toilet paper, all at an exceptionally inflated price. 

8. Burger Studio /The Melt / Diggity / The Coop

Since there's now an available spot in GSU, (R.I.P Burger Studio), UHart has been testing a couple different cuisine options for the location including a melt grille "The Melt," a hotdog purveyor "Diggity," and a chicken based menu aptly named "The Coop," (because there aren't enough bird references on campus already). Each rotates residency for about a week, leaving us (an the employees) frustrated with the constant change in menu and gap in quality. The good news is; if you like one then it will likely be back, and if you don't then its gone for at least two weeks. 

9. Midnight Breakfast

omelette, omelet
Erin Arnold

Ah, the coveted Midnight Breakfast whose name is more deceiving than anything considering it starts at 10pm and ends at 12am. This event rolls around twice a year kicking off the start of midterms and finals. Commons gathers all the volunteers it can within a 15 mile radius and fills the hall with over 7 omelet stations, where you can get eggs cooked to your liking. They also feature fun stuff like cannoli, ice-cream sandwiches, and a ton of fresh fruit. The best part is, it doesn't cost you one of your meal swipes (so essentially its free, per the university's generous heart) simply present your UHart ID and you're good to go!

#SpoonTip: instead of lining up at 9pm to avoid the rush, come around 10:45pm-11pm to get all the goodies without the wait.

UHart dining by no means has the best dining options out there, but there are plenty of ways on campus to keep your tummy full and your wallet fuller.