Who doesn’t want to dress up as food for Halloween? After all, trick-or-treating is all about the candy.  

But how can you really wow your friends this year? Get inspired by this list of the most unique food costumes I’ve found on Instagram.

1. Cotton Candy

A photo posted by Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) on

Don’t lie. You’ve always wanted to be surrounded by a giant cloud, and here’s one way to get close. And feel free to get creative with the color of your cotton candy.

2. Dragon Fruit

A photo posted by CSA TEAM (@misscabrine) on

Not only is her makeup impeccable, but her costume is so unique. This national fruit of Vietnam is not only visually gorgeous, but delicious as well.

3. Broccoli

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This guy’s really thought it out. After wearing this creation on Halloween, he can reuse it as an outfit for St. Patrick’s day. Being environmentally friendly and having the best costume of all your friends? As I said, he’s a genius.

4. Dunkin' Donuts

A photo posted by Theresa S (@theresas5) on

Who can resist a good pun? Besides the fact that I’m from the East Coast, this costume is fun because it combines two things many of us love: donuts and basketball. And what better excuse to eat a donut than use it as a prop for this costume?

5. Breadwinner

A photo posted by Lena Dong (@lenadong) on

This pun definitely takes some more thought, but it’s so creative. You’ll definitely win candy with this one.

6. KFC and Colonel Sanders

This killer mustache and beard will definitely attract a lot of attention. Besides that, fried chicken is a prop, right?

7. Guy Fieri

Chrissy Teigen dressed up as the King of Flavortown last year. Not only will Guy Fieri be an eternally relevant meme, but dressing like him can really show off your love of food. Or of Guy Fieri. After all, he is the only guy you’ll ever need.

8. Avocado

What a costume. And what a way to pay homage to your favorite food.

And there you have it. While these food costumes are certainly the best I’ve ever seen, there’s so much more potential out there. What about actually scary foods? Maybe trying to dress as one of these foods better preserves the scary integrity of Halloween. Try it out and let me know.