Just because it isn’t April Fools’ Day doesn’t mean we can’t pull a good ol’ practical joke, right? Why not get some prank-practice in before April Fools’ 2016 rolls around.

1. Pudding Mayo


Photo courtesy of ligerscout.tumblr.com/

Take an empty jar of mayonnaise and fill it with a few snack packs of vanilla pudding.

2. Minty Fresh Oreos


Photo courtesy of fantagecandy.wordpress.com

Remove the center creme from Oreos and replace with your favorite minty toothpaste.

3. Truffle Sprouts


Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Delicious chocolatey truffles, gone oh so very wrong.

4. Cheesy Sunny-D


Photo courtesy thenostalgiablog90s.wordpress.com

For the Sunny-D lovers, replace the liquid with a combination of Mac & Cheese powder and water.

5. Exploding Ketchup

Gif courtesy of grabberwockey.com

Add 2 spoonfuls of baking soda to create a real explosion of flavor.

6. Caramel Onions


Photo courtesy of Bustle.com

Replace the carnival favorite, caramelized apple, with a tear-jerking caramelized onion.

7. Mayo Donuts


Photo courtesy of dishmaps.com

Just tell your friends the donuts are filled with marshmallow fluff.

8. Chunky Milk

Gif courtesy of popsugar.com

Add a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt or cottage to a carton of milk to create faux spoiled milk.

9.  Spicy Brownies


Photo by Sydney Segal

Kick it up a notch by adding some Tabasco or your favorite hot sauce to a batch of brownies.

10. Colorful Coffee


Photo by Asia Coladner

Sneak 2-4 drops of blue or green food coloring into your frenemies coffee for a not-so-pearly-white smile.

11. Oatmeal Clean Pies


Photo courtesy of caioannie.com

Remove some of the delicious cream cheese filling from the center and replace with toothpaste.

12. Ketchup Soda


Photo courtesy of anrdoezrs.net

Instead of filling a soft drink cup with soda, fill a condiment cup with ketchup and place in the bottom of the cup. Don’t forget the straw to make it look legit.

13. Buttered Floor

If you feel the need to take your prank to the extreme level, then by all means try this one.