Last week, Skyler told us she’s turning over a new leaf and doing crazier, more outrageous things in 2015. We thought she was pretty out there already, so we dared her to try some weird-ass combinations of food that we thought there was no way she would agree to.

“Yeah, I’d totally eat that,” she told us.

“We’ll see about that…” we said.

So here we are, pumped to kick off our new video series, Food or Dare, where we challenge beloved @nycdining star Skyler Bouchard week after week to eat things we really don’t think she would ever do. Like, we wouldn’t even eat some of this shit.

2015-01-16 12.41.06 pm

But she’s a champ. And the beauty of this show is that you get to suggest crazy things for her to eat in next week’s episode. If your weird concoction is picked, you can watch in agony as Skyler actually obeys your command, and you’ll get a lil’ shout out on the show.

Comment your crazy suggestions on this post, or on the Facebook video, Youtube video or Instagram.

Tune in next week to see what we dare her to eat on Food or Dare.