You may not have cable in your dorm or shoebox-size apartment, but chances are, you probably know and love the Food Network stars. This September, Spoon got the ultimate opportunity to cover the Food Network’s first concert and chat with some of them. Our topic of choice? Drunk eating, of course. (So #college)!!

We weren’t really sure how this would go, but it turns out the Food Network stars enjoy the beautiful art that is drunk eating, just as much as we do. They also shared some of their favorite foods to make in college. Their answers were inspiring.

To recap:

Sunny Anderson

  • Likes to microwave macaroni
  • Likes to microwave butter
  • Likes to microwave popcorn
  • But when it comes to drunk food, chooses a cheeseburger

Jeff Mauro

  • Loved Captain Morgan and burritos in college
  • Mostly ate burritos from La Bamba that were the size of his head
  • Now recommends you stick with burritos the size of your fist
  • Also enjoyed eating half a pepperoni Pizza Hut pizza at night, and the other half the next morning
  • OR a double quarter-pounder with cheese with a side of 20 piece nuggets with a quad of sauce

Alex Guarnaschelli

  • Loves a giant slice of New York City pizza
  • Feels comforted by tacos with guacamole
  • Doughnuts, tacos, cake and wheels of brie are some favorite drunk foods

Marc Murphy

  • Made Carbonara in high school
  • Puts the rest of us to shame

Anne Burrell

  • Enjoys drunk eating French fries and gravy

Geoffrey Zakarian

  • Doesn’t remember college
  • AKA too old or too drunk back then

Needless to say, we hope to drunk eat with them in the near future. Beer’s on us.