Breakups can be rough, but the drama with your ex has nothing on the split between Netflix and Scripps Networks. Yep, you heard me right. The parent company of Food Network just announced that it will not be renewing its contract with Netflix in 2017, meaning the amount of quality food shows available for streaming just got a whole lot smaller. You’d better watch your faves before they’re pulled from Netflix forever. 

Giada at Home

Might as well start this list with the one that hits us the hardest. Giada might mispronounce a few words here and there, but you can’t deny this show is the sh*t.

Beat Bobby Flay

Don’t lie, you’ve spent many a 30-minute episode screaming at the computer screen that I COULD BEAT HIM DAMMIT. You can still do that, just at your TV screen when the show airs…with commercials and stuff. Ugh.

No Reservations

Technically, this is aired on the Travel Channel, but it’s being ripped from us regardless. Luckily, you can still get your Anthony Bourdain fix with CNN’s “Parts Unknown.”


Chopped is arguably one of the most inspiring cooking competitions of the modern age. Where else could you find real people, actual chefs, children, or teens making dishes with marmite and bull testicles? We’ll miss you on Netflix, Chopped, especially as we take on our own kitchens.

Food Network Star

Aka the show that brought us Guy Fieri. That alone should make it a permanent feature on Netflix, but apparently not everyone thinks so…

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

How else am I supposed to find out about that tiny diner in the middle-of-nowhere Iowa? My binge watching sessions will never be the same.

Worst Cooks in America

This show won’t be a huge loss. Just hand your roommate a spatula next time you need some entertainment and see what inedible crap she whips up.

Cupcake Wars

I never thought I'd almost hyperventilate just watching people bake cupcakes, but I've definitely had a few close calls while watching this show. It's probably better for my health that this is being taken off Netflix, honestly. 

Kids Baking Championship

As cute as those kids are, I won’t miss feeling like a deadbeat compared to those talented young bakers.

Iron Chef

Iron Chef has brought us huge personalities like Alex Guarnaschelli (shoutout to the first female Iron Chef) and Mario Batali. Their work lives on in other shows and restaurants though, so thankfully we can still get our fill of them elsewhere.

Guy’s Grocery Games

The only show where it’s cool for regular people do grocery store challenges. It’s always a nail biter, and yes, I do still think I can compete on this and win.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Who knew Alton Brown could be so ruthless in the kitchen? I like to think I could cook a whole meal with a spoon replacing my hand, but I don’t know if I’ll have the heart to even try once this is pulled from Netflix.

Good Eats

This is just a feel good show about the science behind food. Unfortunately, we’ll soon no longer be able to watch this instead of going to chemistry class.