The Food Network perfectly combines two of my favorite things – t.v. and food.  There are so many great shows to watch and learn from, while others are pure entertainment.  Hands down the best shows are competitions. You probably feel the same way. Ever had a vision of yourself on Chopped giving Ted Allen a high five? I see you.

That dream can become a reality yo’. The question isn’t, “Should I try and compete,” it’s, “Which show should I compete on?”

Find out which show you would crush by taking the quiz below.

  1. It's Saturday night you can be found ...

  2. Pick your favorite Food Network Chef

  3. Pick a favorite food blog

  4. Pick an ingredient

  5. Pick a number

  6. Which word best describes your cooking style?

  7. Which destination is your ultimate food paradise?

  8. What flavor are you most guilty of over using?

  9. It's your birthday, what kind of desert do you want?

  10. What is your cooking dream?