If you're like me, you probably spend most of your free time highlighting food magazines, marking your favorite recipes, and obsessing over the mouthwatering photography. But what does your favorite food magazine say about your taste in food, your personality, or even your favorite chefs? I'm here to let you know. 

Bon Appétit Magazine

Ah, Bon Appétit. If this is your favorite magazine, you're known to be very classy and sophisticated. Like you, Bon Appétit sticks to the classics but also includes a fun twist. You're organized, love to match with the seasons, and most of all, are very humble. Although people know your work is phenomenal, you never seem to brag too much about it!

Favorite chef: Adam Rapoport 

Martha Stewart's Living

If this is your favorite magazine, you're definitely a crowd pleaser. Congratulations, you never cease to amaze your peers with your undeniable beauty and mesmerizing sense of style. You make cooking for each season look so effortless, and not only do you cook, you offer home advice as well. Your weekend probably includes a big cup of tea, freshly baked cookies, and a Martha Stewart tutorial. 

Favorite chef: Julia Child

Food Network Magazine

Food Network magazine is for the bubbly, extroverts of the food world. If this is your favorite magazine, you definitely want to be on camera when you're older, have a thriving passion for food, and watch the food network like it's your job. You spend your weekend obsessing over Bobby Flay, Amanda Freitag, and Rachel Ray, and constantly ask yourself, what would Giada de Laurentiis do?

Favorite chef: Ina Garten

Food & Wine Magazine

Food & Wine is for the serious foodies. Whether it's a classy crepe cake or a comforting potato gratin, this magazine is no joke. Food & Wine is probably one of your favorites if you're adventurous, opened to new challenges, and eager to experiment with new ingredients. You, without a doubt, love chocolate cake and red wine.

Favorite chef: Gordon Ramsay


Saveur is for the foodies who dabble in travel, world cuisine, and cozy recipes. Although this magazine favors flying around the world and trying foreign dishes, you always come back to your cozy, home oriented food. Whether it's spiced poached pears, general tso's chicken, or a flawless butterscotch sauce, Saveur's got all the details. 

Favorite chef: Anthony Bourdain

Whichever magazine you pair yourself with, the foodie possibilities are endless.