I'd like to think I have a diverse range of pages I follow on Instagram. I follow a healthy mix of friends, food Instagrams (duh), puppies–specifically French bulldog–, and of course, celebrities.

Every once in a while, a favorite celeb of mine will post a picture that I look at and just have to try and recreate. And, more often than not, the posts that I want to emulate revolve around food.

But, how would I be able to do this without fancy hair/makeup/backdrops/etc.? A college co-ed only has so much to work with, but I had to try anyway. So, I recreated some of the best celeb food Instagrams that are uber-worthy of that "double tap."

Move over T-Swift, your #swangoals don't have anything on this!

1. Katy Perry's Coffee Close-Up

(Can you guys tell I like coffee? No? Dang it...) Perry's food Instagrams seem easy enough to emulate: I have some statement rings hanging out in my jewelry box, and I drink coffee on the reg. I set out to my dining hall to see what I could whip up.

My Take:

cream, ice cream, ice, chocolate, cookie, milk, coffee
Shannon Carney

In a word? Yikes. While I was lucky enough to find white cups and plates in my dining hall, that seemed to be the only thing going for me. I snagged an entire squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup to draw the 19–my own age vs. Katy Perry's "33"–but it was pretty hard to maneuver, and the chocolate came out pretty rapidly. The "19" actually took me three tries to get it to look as half-assed as it is.

I guess I have to cross "latte artist" off my list of fallback careers..

2. Chrissy Teigen's Salad Snap

Full disclosure: if Chrissy Teigen suddenly came out and said she wanted to adopt me, I'd let her. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she's hilarious and the poster child for body-positivity. Chrissy gets a lot of love around Spoon! And not just for her food Instagrams...

Plus, girlfriend makes a mean salad. And, especially after this past Thanksgiving, I've been looking to incorporate more greens into my diet. How hard could this be?

My Take:

salad, spinach, vegetable, basil, tomato, lettuce, cheese
Shannon Carney

Once again, the dining hall did me dirty. The kitchen wasn't serving up any of the usual fare that would've been great for this snap. No butternut squash, no mixed greens, and no pomegranate seeds, so I had to make due with what was on hand.

I think my fatal flaw was counting on my dining hall to have sweet potatoes: they'd be perfect to match the color and shape of Chrissy Teigen's squash, and they're usually in ready supply (I would know, I'm the one that eats them by the tray).

I did my best to match the colors and shapes in the salad, but at the end of the day, there's no way to make tofu look like butternut squash...sorry Chrissy.  

3. Selena Gomez's Sippin' Selfie

This is the most liked picture on Instagram...so it should be no problem to recreate it, right? There are two types of people in the world: people who love Selena Gomez, and liars. So I knew I had to get this image right. 

My Take:

Shannon Carney

Okay, so if you ignore how messy my dorm room is, this one didn't come out all that bad! I'll admit, I felt absolutely ridiculous taking this picture–especially since my window faces out to a crowded parking lot and the entire quad. But, my hair and makeup were working it, so that's always a plus.

I may not be great at smiling without my teeth, and I definitely don't have the "smize" down (sorry, Tyra), but I think this was a pretty solid effort! Sel, hit me up if you ever need a body double, okay?

4. Olivia Culpo's Tray of Toast

When I was younger, my ultimate dream was to date a Jonas Brother (okay, so maybe it's still a dream of mine–don't judge me). Olivia Culpo got to live my dream from 2013 to 2015...in addition to being Miss Universe. So, I figured that trying to recreate her bomb toast platter would bring me at least a little closer to her status.

My Take:

banana, peanut butter, peanut, butter, syrup
Shannon Carney

I'll admit, the plate is a little too small, but white plates for food Instagrams are hard to come by in my dining hall. But, other than that, I actually think this came out pretty damn well! The toppings look pretty spot on (those strawberries though!) and all of the fruit made me feel like a health goddess–even though I had a full plate of waffles before taking this picture.

In the course of this experiment, I learned a thing or two about celebrity foodie 'grams. More often than not, the celebs are gonna have you beat because they usually have better ingredients/cameras/lighting on hand.

But, it was still pretty fun to play make believe and try to see how closely I could recreate the images, even if I looked more than a little ridiculous while taking these snaps!