If your looking to share your love for food with the world, @fullerbythebite can show you how it's done! Founder and main content provider Leilah Fuller started her food gram a year and a half a go, which has now grown to a crazy 13,000 followers! 

A rising senior and sociology major at Indiana University, Leilah's gram takes the saying "treat yo self" to a whole other level! Her determination and drive to find unique establishments with jaw dropping food creations around the world is what has made her gram so successful. With the help of friends, family and other foodies, Leilah's yummy content will always lead you to your next bite!

Foodie Fact: Mr. Funk in Budapest, Hungary sells magical milkshakes, donuts and bagels!

After, traveling all over Europe with her friends this past semster, you could say Fuller has been to some pretty amazing food hubs not just in the USA but around the world too! Here in an interview, she tells us how her love for all things edible turned into something she could see herself doing in the future.

The food pics you post look amazing and it seems like you are really dedicated to finding jaw dropping creations. What inspired you to create @fullerbythebite?

Leilah: I created fullerbythebite the morning after IUDM 2016 which is Indiana University's Dance Marathon that raises money and awareness for children with life threatening health issues. It was such an exciting but exhausting night that all of my friends were still sleeping. I was bored and wanted to create something fun in the meantime. After scrolling through my camera roll looking at all the photos from the event, I began looking at other recent photos when I realized how many food pictures I actually had. I thought it would be cool to create a gram of all my photos for my closest friends to follow, but never dreamed it would grow as fast as it did. My friends wanted me to keep posting photos and my account just kept growing! 

Foodie Fact: Heim Cafe In Lisbon, Portugal is the ULTIMATE brunch, offering a toast bar, eggs, waffles, pancakes and more!

When did you start to first realize your love for food?

Leilah: Well, when I was growing up, my family and I have always had this obsession with finding unique foods, and a curiosity about culture that surrounds food. My dad is a fantastic cook and takes on the role of "chef" in our household! Meal times with my family are really special because we all sit down together, discussing our days and catching up or watching a movie while eating dinner, just enjoying one another's presence.

I have always enjoyed the experience of eating out. We are a big family and we always order family style dishes so we can share everything and taste of each dish. Eating with my family and friends is really meaningful to me, whether at home or in a restaurant. It allows me to engage with people and enjoy each others company, not to forget devouring all the delicious food we order.

Foodie Fact: Leilah's favorite food grams inspired her account are @infatuation, @feedyoursoull, @diningwithskylar, and @imshtuffed 

It's clear you eat out a lot, what kind of atmosphere do you look for when finding a new place to eat?

Leilah: Typically, I really like to go to restaurants where you can feel that sense of community. I appreciate when the owner or chef in take the time to come out and say hello to customers. I love when the waiters actually enjoy each others presence and serving the customers, and when the service is great and the staff offers honest recommendations.

The worst feeling is going into a restaurant where you feel like you don't belong. I prefer going to establishments that aren't necessary upscale or elite. I enjoy places that cater to all groups of people and where everyone feels like they matter. Smaller restaurants, with fantastic presentations are amazing. Personally, a few of my must try restaurants are MazMezcal, Salumeria Rosi, and Frank Restaurant. 

Foodie Fact: Natural lighting is the best way to capture the ultimate food pic!

You Studied in Barcelona, Spain for almost 4 months! How did living abroad effect how you perceive food?

Leilah: Having the opportunity to study in another country was truly incredible and it is something that I will always remember! Being able to try so many new foods has taught me a ton about the culture and people in different countries. I found that most European countries really take pride in their traditions surrounding food. It felt really special having the opportunity to have people around the world cook for me! Spanish food for me was a cool experience. It has so many flavors and was different compared to foods I tried in other countries. One thing I really loved about studying in Barcelona was the variety of food options. The city was so modern and accessible. There were many nights that I was exhausted and just wanted to stay home so ordered online from glovo. There were so many options like Chinese, vegan, spanish, and italian! I miss being there everyday and I highly recommend to anyone considering studying abroad to go for it and try foods you've never seen before.

Foodie Fact: Frankie's is Lisbon, Portugal has mega hotdogs! Try their Pizza and mac n' cheese dog, or throw an egg on their crispy cheddar dog for a kick!

Leilah's goals for the upcoming year is to continue to grow her account and reach as many foodies as possible. There might even be a blog documenting her experiences, but we will just have to wait and see! She wants people to know that if you have a passion or a hobby that makes you happy, go with it because you never know where it will take you.