Every Instagrammer wants to know how to get more followers and increase their likes per photo. By following these 21 simple steps, as told by your favorite foodies, @foodloverheaven1, @feedyoursoull, and @nomcitybetch, you’ll step up your food Instagram in no time.

1. Post pictures of junk food.

(cookie)dough not take this from me @hungryhaters

A photo posted by FoodLoverHeaven1 (@foodloverheaven1) on Sep 3, 2015 at 3:35pm PDT

Anything unhealthy is bound to satisfy a guilty pleasure craving. Desserts with multiple components tend to get the most likes… Think brownies with s’mores, caramel, and pretzels on top. Or a waffle taco filled with ice cream and cookie dough. Or anything with Nutella… Literally anything.  

2. Use natural lighting and do not “over-filter.”

Nothing maca-wrong with treating yourself to this red velvet macaron ice cream sandwich?

A photo posted by ?full plates, full hearts? (@nomcitybetch) on

Don’t ruin the beauty of a chocolate, Nutella, and coffee ice cream sandwich with “Valencia” or “Nashville.” Just let it breathe.  

3. Post, like, a lot.


Ciabatta watch yourself, this betch is hangry?? A photo posted by ?full plates, full hearts? (@nomcitybetch) on Jul 11, 2015 at 9:00am PDT

As in almost every day. Consistency is key.

4. Have patience.


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It takes a while to increase your following ratio. Once you reach 1,000+ followers, your following ratio picks up. You’ll get thousands of new followers each week.

5. Interact with other foodies.

@michelleonbell @hungryhaters Waffle Wednesday before Thanksgiving Thursday, what could be better? #feedyoursoull

A photo posted by #feedyoursoull (@feedyoursoull) on

Like their pics, comment — whatever you gotta do to get your name out there.

6. Put your own spin on it.

Pasta-bly the best pasta I've ever had??

A photo posted by FoodLoverHeaven1 (@foodloverheaven1) on

Food puns, posting about restaurants, offering discounts to certain restaurants… Make your account worth following.

7. Be bigger than Santa.

Have a big presence during the holidays — make your photos as colorful and as festive as possible.

8. Keep up with the trends.

From smoothie bowls, and avocado toast, to the Ramen Burger. Stay relevant by being aligned with the yummiest and hottest trends.

9. Use your followers’ photos.

Stay Classy & Use Spoons #goddessvibes {?: @tallulahalexandra } #spoonfeed

A photo posted by Spoon University Georgetown (@spoon_gu) on

It keeps them interested and who doesn’t love a little free publicity? Reposting your fan’s photos helps attract new followers to your account. 

10. Moderation is key.


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Don’t post 20 pictures at once… Try to post 3-4 times a day. You don’t want to clog up your followers’ feeds and make yourself seem needy.

11. Desserts for the win.


@eastcoastfeastcoast @lets.eat.yall Cinnamon Roll Day 2: Going in for the kill #feedyoursoull A photo posted by #feedyoursoull (@feedyoursoull) on

Keep in mind that dessert pictures tend to get the most likes — they always look the most appetizing.

12. Mix it up.

My roll model??

A photo posted by ?full plates, full hearts? (@nomcitybetch) on

Do not post the same piece of avocado toast over and over. Try to have really different posts a day — different ethnic foods, comfort foods, fancy foods. You can always spice it up a bit (see what we did there?).

13. Be picky about your hashtags.


GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

Use the hashtag “#likeforalike,” “#likethis,” and hashtag posts of other food accounts (especially @feedyoursoull, @foodloverheaven1 and @nomcitybetch).

14. Give yourself some props.

Always hashtag your account name. It’s ok to brag.

15. Keep it positive.

? #spoonfeed

A photo posted by Spoon University (@spoonuniversity) on

Caption your pictures with smiley emojis — who doesn’t love to keep people happy.

16. Don’t stress about the ratio.

pancake cake cake #spoonfeed [?: @meganlipman

A photo posted by Spoon University Georgetown (@spoon_gu) on

Likes tend to come from dedicated fans, and your like-to-follower ratio is never gonna match up; however, make sure to reward the fans who do like your pics. As long as you have food porn-y pics, eople will be drawn to your account. 

17. Bribing isn’t prohibited.

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Make an added incentive to like your pictures “like this pic for a chance to be reposted.”

18. Geotag or die.


Photo courtesy of @feedyoursoull on Instagram

Fans want to know where you can actually find this food, plus, you’re getting major props by giving the restaurant more publicity.

19. It’s Instagram, it’s always about the pics.


Photo courtesy of @nomcitybetch on Instagram

Don’t post pictures that are blurry or have awkward lighting.

20. Follow your fam.


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Start by following your family and friends. They have to love you, so give them the chance to boast about your account — word will spread. Pretty soon, even your grandma will be dropping hashtags left and right.

21. Don’t be a following whore.


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Keep the ratio of who you follow low — you want to make your account feel exclusive and give yourself total VIP status.

Now watch your followers and likes increase like crazy.

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