If you're anything like me, or the rest of the angsty, heartbroken, teen population, you have been listening to Chelsea Cutler’s new album ‘Sleeping With Roses.’ Her voice is haunting and her lyrics seem to hit home for anyone who is a hopeless romantic. Her album is perfect for listening to on a long summer night car ride with the windows rolled all the way down, you know, ideally with a boy but usually not. More importantly it sparks some serious cravings for ‘eating your feelings’ comfort food. If you are looking for some heartwarming suggestions, this is the article for you. Warning: it gets pretty pathetic.

Deserve This: Fruit

When you’ve had a bad day and you’re craving a treat to help ease the heartache, your mind wanders to erotic images of gooey chocolate, silky smooth ice cream, and dense, decadent cakes. But there fruit is, right on your counter, teasing you, trying to convince you that it is what you want instead, what is best for you. But let's be frank, fruit won’t be the one to satisfy your craving for comfort. When you’re in a mood you don’t deserve this, you deserve more. So pass on the fruit and get what you really need, a nice bucket of cookie dough.

Lonely Alone: Potato Chips

Being alone is arguably one of the worst things when you are already in your ~feels~. The pain is only amplified when the someone you are thinking about is out having fun doing who knows what. At this vulnerable time you need something to nervously munch on who’s crunch can disrupt the silence. While you’re on the couch, fingertips dusted with salt, someone somewhere is chowing on the same chips at a social event. But hopefully deep down you find comfort in the fact that the chips will always be there for you, even if they are the life of the party somewhere else.

Water on the Bridge: Ice Cream

chocolate, cream, sweet, milk, dairy product, caramel, ice, chocolate ice cream, goody
Kourtney Meldrum

This is a heavy one. What is more iconic for heartbreak than ice cream? When things are as complicated as they are in this song only a nice icy pint can help soothe the ache. No matter how much you wish for a fresh start, with some people history is just an inevitable looming dark cloud. There's not much to do other than accept it, try to move forward, and lean on this sweet treat for support.

The Reason: Pizza

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

Just like the muse of this song, pizza has been with most of us through all of our phases. It’s the food that has stuck with you from childhood to present, through good times and bad. Pizza is the reason many of us subsist. As the original comfort food, it started the whole ‘eating your feelings’ trend and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Pizza deserves an ode and this song is pretty close to that.

Deathbed: Hamburger

hamburger, cheese, sandwich, french fries, bun, lettuce
Shalayne Pulia

Hamburgers are a trusty, hearty meal to fill you when all you’re full with is sadness. However, we have let imposters dim the light on our classic friend. Vegetarian burgers, the impossible burger, and many other alternatives have threatened the very integrity of the hamburger, and it is time that we admit our wrong doing. In this song Chelsea laments, “I never meant to lose my grip on something that I love” and we should feel the same about burgers. If your love life is anything like this song, try to make up for it by at least taking the step and choosing a hamburger as your comforting companion.

Sleeping With Roses: Popsicle

sweet, berry, strawberry, candy, cream, ice, popsicle
Caitlyn Heter

Sometimes we have to live with our mistakes and accept our regrets. We all know that a popsicle is not the best thing to binge on when you have inner turmoil, yet sometimes that’s the thing we reach for. In the morning, you’ll wake up feeling unfulfilled by your treat of choice and long for having done things differently. While listening to this song you may make decisions that you later wish you didn’t and you will have to pay the price.

Someone Else: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

You have an itch for something, but you don’t know what. Just like in this song, you can’t seem to figure out what your deal is so you are left anxiously scavenging the kitchen for the solution. You want to just pick something but you can’t. Instead you end up with a stomach ache while all of the food you nibbled on is free to be eaten by someone else.

Hell: Fast Food

You know it’s bad for you and you wish things could be different, but fast food will never change. Instead you are left either having to suffer with it or suffer without it. Why does something that seems so right in the moment later put you through hell? If your relationship is as toxic as the one in this song, it surely justifies a trip to the drive through.

Now that you have a buffet of foods to choose from you can properly listen to Chelsea Cutler’s album. In the meantime, Chelsea lives close to me so I’ll be busy driving around with my windows down blasting her album trying to summon her. Wish me luck.