Being a freshman at JMU has taught me many things about myself, one of these being what foods are my must-haves. Every college student has their food essentials whether it may be a Celsius for an afternoon pick-me-up (which is very popular on the JMU campus) or microwavable mac and cheese for a late night dinner when dining halls are closed and studying is all-consuming. I have my fair share of items needed for my college survival that you should definitely try, and here are my top 3! 

1. Granola Bars

This may sound boring, but granola bars have absolutely saved me this year. When consumed with the bustle of back-to-back classes or activities, eating a granola bar on the go is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve had much trial and error when attempting to find my all time favorite kind, but Annie’s Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars are absolutely scrumptious and taste like a literal dessert. The next time you’re at a grocery store on your campus, buy a box! They won’t let you down.

2. Nuts

After my first semester of college, I reflected on just how much unhealthy food I was eating. Pizza, soda, chicken fingers, and the list goes on and on. While delicious, I noticed that constantly indulging in these foods left me feeling groggy and drained. For a delicious snack that leaves you feeling full, energized, and ready for your tasks, nuts are a go-to for me. I have containers of lightly salted peanuts and almonds that are practically my best friends. They are filling and delicious--an absolute essential!

3. K-Cups

My light pink, Barbie-esque keurig has been my lifesaver while at college. Not only does having a keurig and using k-cups help you save money, but it’s super convenient. I even bought a cute sugar bowl to make my very own, dorm-ified coffee bar. My favorite k-cups are Starbucks Italian Roast because I’m an espresso lover, so any dark roast is always my favorite! Plus, there are k-cups for hot cocoa for any cozy, winter night, and even tea for a study sesh.

While I love my extensive dorm snack collection, I have found that I have always gravitated towards these 3 items for my day-to-day college routine. In case you’ve yet to try any, I highly recommend you to. While they may seem simple, these food essentials for college made my life so much better and they’re an absolute game-changer!