Getting food delivered in NYC is a rite of passage. However, if you're like me and abuse the power of the all-mighty Seamless, the costs can quickly add up. Sometimes it's necessary to throw your morals out the window to save a few bucks when getting that sweet, sweet Pad Thai delivered right to your door. After much research, here are some food delivery hacks for the unethical:

1. (Weekly) Coupons:

Yelp’s relatively new service Eat24 provides their email subscribing customers with a coupon every weekend for $2 off. While this may not seem substantial, it does give you some money for, say, guac at Chipotle. 

Acceptability score: 10/10

2. Free Delivery Options:

Another way to save $ for the morally conscious among us is to take advantage of restaurants that have free delivery options. Some may require a minimum order, sure, but gather your friends and order a feast! This will save you some money, too. Best to avoid Postmates for this one, though, as their delivery fees tend to be $2.99 and up.

Acceptability score: 10/10 

3. Sign Up for Delivery Services You Haven’t Used Before:

Postmates, Seamless, GrubHub, Oh My! UberEats, Eat24, Caviar, Amazon Prime Now… If any of those sound unfamiliar, I’d suggest giving them a try. Chances are they’ll send you a coupon when you try their service for the first time. Who doesn't love free shit?

Acceptability score: again, 10/10.

4. Make Fake Emails to Appear as a New Customer:

Well, those discounts I just mentioned are great but they tend to only work once. If you just keep creating fake email accounts, say, (do people still use AOL?), or maybe, you can keep signing up as a new customer and raking in those sweet coupons.

Acceptability score: basically a -32/10 

5. Send Personalized Delivery Codes to Yourself and All Those Fake Email Accounts:

Once you set up a fafillion accounts, you’ll most likely be given a personalized code that’s meant to be shared with “friends”. Once they sign up, you get a credit and so do they. Screw friends and use that code yourself. Last I checked, this worked with DoorDash. Cha-ching.

Acceptability score: -1/10 

Now sit back, relax, and order the damn Thai food.