Everyone loves being part of clubs, right? And what’s better than clubs that are exclusively devoted to sending us delicious food straight to your doorstep?


A food of the month club works pretty simply: browse delicious options online, choose your favorite and wait anxiously for its arrival in the mail each month. Sounds like my kind of club. Different company offer different options varying in prices, frequency of deliveries and length of subscriptions.

And these aren’t just some puny boxes filled with a piece of cheese or odd-flavored cookie. The possibilities are pretty extensive, with everything from ingredients for a full recipe, healthy and natural foods or full subscriptions dedicated to various types of pickles (or Japanese candy). Take a look for yourself or consider gifting for a friend; your biggest problem will most likely be narrowing it down to just a few possibilities.

For the health nut: Graze

food of the month

Photo courtesy of the employable.com

Graze features over 90 portion-controlled snacks that are delivered every two weeks. Create your box by choosing online whether you “like,” “love”or “would like to try” each of their snack options, and your package is put together based on your own ratings. Check it out here, and start your next health craze for only $6 per box.

For the chef: Plated

food of the month

Photo courtesy of thenextweb.com

Each week, Plated features seven chef-designed recipes on their menu for customers to order. The ingredients get sent right to your door and are always locally sourced and pre-portioned to reduce waste.  Memberships can be monthly or annually for $12 a plate, or you can choose to pay as you go for $15 a plate. See here to get started with their latest menu.

For the sweet tooth: Dana’s Bakery

food of the month

Photo courtesy of house beautiful.com

Dana Loia was drawn to macarons for their beauty and texture, but surprised by the absence of variety in flavors. This inspired her to open Dana’s Bakery, known for its American twist on the traditional French macaron. With flavors like cookie dough, s’mores and key lime pie, there’s no reason not to sign up for the macaron of the month club (except for the prices, think $90 for a three-month subscription). Click here to see this month’s macaron and drool over the other delicious flavors.

For the wine connoisseur: Lot18

food of the month

Photo courtesy of Lot18.com

Lot18 offers members access to high-quality wines at affordable prices, and its team works with winemakers around the world to choose unique products that represent high quality and value. Members are matched with the wines based on a short online interactive tasting. Then, members are sent six mini bottles for $60. From then on, the deal is twelve bottles every three months for $149. Start your wine voyage here and prepare to become the go-to wine snob in your group of friends.

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