Ever received gooey chocolate chip cookies stuck together? A yummy zucchini bread that is hard as a rock? You obviously still ate the goodies, BUT you shouldn't have to suffer through that. 

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Tanya Khorti

Packaging baked goodies the right way will guarantee that you can enjoy everything your mom sends you, and your friends can enjoy everything you send them. 

1. Bake your treats the morning of.

As fast as you can, hustle down to the post office.

#SpoonTip: Try to get to the post office at the beginning of the business week to make sure it gets sent ASAP.

2. Choose a reusable container or appealing box that can be used again.

Nothing screams "I have the best mom" like a snazzy tin box from home-sweet-home.

3. Treat each treat with care.

Tanya Khorti

For example, the safest route of transportation for cookies is to wrap them or bag them by 2's. Similarly, with sending a loaf of bread, it's best to wrap each slice. Or, if your sending any type of bars or candy make sure to separate them by wax paper layers (stacked to the top, of course).

3. The crucial but overlooked step: cushion that box!

Tissue paper, paper towels, or the local newspaper (in case your recipient wants to catch up on the newest gossip) can all be used to ensure a safe ride. Create a nest for the goodies, then include more cushion in the crevices, along the sides, and don't forget the top.

4. Finally, before you tape that baby up, don't forget to write a letter!

Tanya Khorti

You can always give a boost of motivation like, "Happy Test Week, you're a rockstar!" or a fitting dad joke like, "What did the sushi say to the bumble bee? Wasaaaabi." Or even a piece of advice like, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." Get creative and make it personal, it'll only make your package more special!

Bonus Tips: Let the post office know it's FRAGILE and they should handle with care and, whatever you do, do not bag the soft treats with the crunchy treats.

Now get your stamps ready, and prepare to amaze your friends, family and long distance pals with your new found packing skills. Happy Sending!