Who doesn't love counting down the seconds until a brand new year? Well, building the hype to any event just got a little easier as brands left and right drop different types of advent calendars. I have rounded up a few different types of food advent calendars so you have the option to count down to Christmas with the classic chocolate one or go above and beyond with a shot a day advent calendar.

Advent calendars have made a comeback in recent years especially with all the beauty companies that begin to drop some every year. What any foodie needs to pay more attention to is to all the food-related ones that have come out in recent years.

1. The Chocolate Lover

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Samantha Hickman
My Recommendation: Ferrero Kinder Maxi Mix Advent Calendar

A chocolate a day keeps the Grinch away? As the most affordable calendar on the list I couldn't make a list of advent calendars without including chocolate, open a window on your box a day to find amazingly sweet chocolate.

#SpoonTip: Keep your advent calendar as far away as possible from any heat don't want your chocolate to melt away before you can taste that sweet, sweet countdown.

2. The Cookie Monster

My Recommendation: Make your own!

These adorable mini Christmas cookies are just small enough to fit into any advent calendar. You read that right, you don't need to spend any money to make an advent calendar. You can make one with anything, I just recommend cookies. If cookies are made for Santa, why can't you enjoy them as well?

Local bakeries can also make this calendar for you, but making it yourself will just make it more special. Not sure what cookie to make? Take this quiz to find out: "Which Christmas Cookie are You?"

3. The Coffee Addict

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Caroline Ingalls
My Recommendation: 12 Days of Christmas Gourmet Coffee Set 

Have a very alert December with a variety of coffee options in this calendar. For any Starbucks aficionado they also make a calendar to help you countdown, depending on the location of purchase, they will include a small gift card!

4. The Tea Love

My Recommendation: English Tea Shop Blue Advent Calendar 

A beautiful advent calendar just for tea lovers aka a dream come true. Ever wanted to try a new tea but couldn't justify getting the whole box? Well this advent calendar is just for you. Try a different tea every day during December and you might just end up finding a new favorite.

5. The Party Animal

My Recommendation: Virgin Wines- Wine Advent Calendar 

If the thought of meeting your family during the holidays makes you want to drink, well, we don't blame you. Your solution is simple a alcoholic advent calendar to fill all your drinking needs.  You have your pick when it comes to this type of calendar from whisky, vodka, wine, and beer. A drink a day keeps the doctor away right? 

6. The Carnivore

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Sarah Schuette
My Recommendation: The Strike Before Christmas Advent Calendar 

Vegetarians, look away now! This advent calendar is one that

carnivores are going to love and will be a perfect partner in crime for some of the chocoholic advent calendars out there.

7. The Kid at Heart

My Recommendation: Jelly Belly Giant Christmas Advent Calendar

Kids and grown-ups alike will love this offering from a jelly bean filled calendar! Offering the perfect alternative to chocolate, satisfy your sweet tooth with a selection of jelly beans behind 24 windows. This is guaranteed to be the most colorful advent calendar out there.

8. The Person Who Loves a Surprise

My Recommendation: Milka Advent Calendar 

Alternative advent calendars have got to be one of the best things about Christmas, because who doesn't love opening up a little door every day in December and receiving a little biscuit/candle/tea bag or actual pot of pesto in return? This type of advent calendar is one of the most common and that is the variety type; it can have anything from chocolate to toys in it and boy does it turn into a surprise. 

9. A Gift From the Heart

My Recommendation: Simply Baked Treasure Box Advent Calendar 

Let’s be clear – you put your decorations up on December 1. It’s the law. And what better way to start than with an advent calendar? It’s such a fun way to ramp up the excitement. 

If you’ve been on to Pinterest lately, you may have seen some extraordinary DIY advent calendars. You must make your own. So share the love and looking up some cool DIY's to make some with your roommate or even with your family. Let's face it any of these advent calendar on our 9 perfect advent calendars list can be made just from the heart.


Kayla Cain

My Recommendation: Puppy Tree Treat 

Even four-legged friends get excited for the holidays — humans, don't participate in this one. Each day has a different treat for dogs. (They make one for cats, too!)

Overall this holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. There are more than nine food advent calendars to pick from, but these are guaranteed to blow your mind. Pick up on this tradition and you might just create new memories with loved ones. I highly recommend getting one of these for any loved one as a gift, especially for roommates.