Flour Bakery + Cafe may be my absolute favorite place to eat in Boston. Seeing as I have found myself there at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I believe the food and, of course, the baked goods are top notch. Not only is Joanne Chang a James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and co-owner of Meyers & Chang, she has also written three cookbooks and enjoys sharing her baking tips. Want to know what it's like owning a food empire and how to become a successful baker? Let Joanne serve you up some sweet advice.

Question Time

What inspired you to become a pastry chef/restaurant owner?

I love baking, it's as simple as that. I love being in the kitchen and creating amazing pastries and sharing them with as many people as possible. It's my happy place and where I'm meant to be.

What are 3 tips for running a successful restaurant?

Be an excellent clear communicator, ensure your team knows exactly what your vision is and what you expect from them, remember that your goal every moment is to give guests such an amazing experience that they can't wait to return.

What are some difficulties you have encountered being a female chef?

Honestly I've been really fortunate- I've worked with some really strong female chefs (Lydia Shire, Susan Regis, Jody Adams) and I've never felt hindered by being female.

One of Flour’s mottos is “Make life sweeter. Eat dessert first.” Would you say you have a big sweet tooth?

I do! If I could I would only eat sweets morning noon and night.

What is your favorite thing to eat at Flour?

That is a LONG list! I love our banana bread, our double chocolate cookies, good morning muffins, pain aux raisin, koiugn amman, carrot cake, almond macaroons, chocolate chip cookies

What are the best restaurants you've eaten at around Boston?

Our favorite restaurant is Ostra in the Back Bay- they have the freshest seafood and the service is stellar.

What do you cook for yourself and your family at home?

I love making pizza and I also make a terrific soy glazed salmon with ginger and scallions. We put this on white rice with some sauteéd vegetables and it's really hard to stop eating it, it is so good.

What is your favorite part of the baking process? Taking a bunch of relatively mundane ingredients and putting them together in a such a way that you make a magical pastry. It's really incredible that most pastries are made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and just a few other things.

If you were to open a new restaurant, what style of food would you pick?


I’ve loved watching your Flour Love Instagram stories, do you enjoy giving baking lessons?

I do! I love helping people create pastries at home so they can experience the same joy I get when I make an incredible dessert for my family and friends.

FINALLY, what would be your number one tip for amateur bakers? Get a kitchen scale and weigh all of your ingredients...PLEASE!!!