When I was little, my mom knew what was up. She still knows what's up. But back in the day, she bought me Flintstones vitamins. Don't be fooled into thinking that I'm talking about the Flintstones gummy vitamins, which are totally unimpressive in comparison to the coveted, cherished, candy-like Flintstones hard vitamins. 

Alyssa Modos

Thanks to my mom, I was a healthy, happy, Flintstones vitamin-obsessed kid. I ate these things so often I even figured out that they taste absolutely awful when you drink milk after you've eaten them. Just call me an expert—you wouldn't be wrong. 

I figured I'd make my Flintstones vitamin expertise useful and give y'all a definitive ranking of Flintstones hard vitamin flavors.

Before we get started, I think it's important to note that none of the Flintstones vitamin flavors are bad. This is pretty cool considering there's almost always one bad flavor in anything that has multiple flavors. Think of Skittles: the lemon and lime ones are definitely worse than the orange, grape, and strawberry.

4. Cherry

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Alyssa Modos

That being said, cherry comes in last out of all of the Flintstones flavors. I personally hate cherries and all cherry-flavored things, but this is a rare exception, proving that Flintstones vitamins really are the best out there. The cherry tastes kind of like cherry, but it has a stronger overall berry flavor.

3. Orange

Alyssa Modos

The orange-flavored vitamin is super orangey and tangy, and that makes it taste even more like candy. It honestly tastes kind of like an orange SweeTart.

I had a really hard time deciding if orange should come in at 3 or 2 because it's so darn tasty, but this next flavor edged it out by a hair. 

2. Grape

Alyssa Modos

I know a lot of people hate artificial grape flavoring, but I've always loved grape-flavored things. The grape Flintstones tablet has that same tang that the orange one does, but it's just yummier. 

If you're not a huge grape person, orange may come in number two for you. It's honestly pretty even — choosing between the two is like choosing which Franco brother you like better. It's that close.

1. Peach

Alyssa Modos

When it comes down to it, Peach Dino takes the Flintstones vitamin flavor test win. Not only was Dino hands down the best character, he also brought home the win in this flavor ranking. The peach-flavored vitamin is the best because it makes you realize that there should be more peach-flavored candy — shoutout to peach rings, the real MVP. 

So there ya have it, my fellow '90s kids. If you're ever looking to take a trip down memory lane, none of the Flintstones vitamin flavors will let you down. Who knew something that tastes like candy could be so healthy?