It's that time of year again, folks! Finals week is upon us. It's the only obstacle between every college student and the long-awaited winter break. Whether you're taking a class in ceramics or astrophysics, the common denominator between every student is stress.

Finals week is everyone's last chance to ensure a good grade in each of their classes, so it is normal to feel stressed out. However, being conscious of your mental health during this time is imperative.

Below are five ways to keep your stress levels at bay to make sure you have success during your finals

1. Make an agenda to keep organized.

Sure, it may seem like you have a hundred things to do within the next two weeks. Maybe you even do have a hundred things to do within the next two weeks. A way to feel less stressed about these upcoming task is to make an agenda of everything you need to do so you don't have to bother stressing about if you forgot to do anything! Get a bullet journal and just list out everything you need to do within the next few weeks (preferably in order of when the closest due date is). Feel free to come up with symbols, color-code, or do anything else you find necessary to keep yourself organized and on track to take on all your challenges.

2. Change up where you study.

Everyone has a study spot, whether that be the library, a coffee shop, or even your room. But sometimes, you need to switch up your scenery to destress. Try studying outside! If you have a hammock, or a blanket, set up your own personal study spot outside and get some sun to brighten your mood.

3. Try drinking some tea.

During finals, you need something to keep you relaxed. You probably are relying on never-ending amounts of coffee, but actually, using coffee for a prolonged period of time results in more negative side effects than the typical "mood boost" that most people use coffee for. Instead, try drinking chamomile tea, which some people use to alleviate stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Plus, it'll be a refreshing taste that will get your blood flowing in this cold winter weather!

4. Exercise!

Not only can tea get your blood pumping, but, obviously, exercise can too! Exercising for 30 minutes to an hour a day will help lower your stress levels by releasing endorphins and tension in your body. After you're done exercising, you'll also feel a sense of pride, because of your commitment to keeping yourself healthy! Don't be intimidated by exercising though, because there are numerous different types of exercises that appeal to different people. Whether you do strength training, cardio, or yoga, find what makes you happy and stick with it.

5. Get a good amount of sleep.

We know you've heard this advice time and time again, and it never works out because you have too much cramming to do. I have definitely fallen victim to "staying up until 3am to study for exams," but it just isn't effective or healthy for you. Everyone needs a good night's sleep to make sure they are well and rested for the next day. You don't want to fall asleep while taking your final, after all! Try and get eight hours of sleep every night, because it will be more beneficial to you to get those extra hours of sleep rather than trying to absorb information while fighting off fatigue.