It is finally summer, you and your family decide to take a cruise on one of the best Carnival ships you could find. You find out there is an unlimited access to food. You get on the ship, unpack your things, pop on your swimsuit, and make your way to the deck to find something to eat before enjoying all the activites. You stumble across a restaurant that might be a taste of what heaven feels like, Guy's Burger Joint

Guy's Burger Joint was created by the legendary,Guy Fieri, when it first opened in 2011 onboard several Carnival Cruise Ships. 

Guy Fieri is pretty awesome, but that isn't the only reason you should love Guy's Burger Joint and find a way to get your hands on one of these bad boys: 

1. Quality 

The quality is EVERYTHING. From the soft, warm bun to the well seasoned beef patty, everything is a 10 across the board. The patty is grilled to perfection.

Alexis Grace

2. Service

The service was quick, friendly, and welcoming. From asking for a double patty or an extra burger, it wasn't a problem! 

3. Unstoppable Toppings 

Their toppings were endless and ranged from bacon to even peppers and grilled onions. 

4. The Sauce

Guy's sauce is hands down the best sauce I have ever had. From the special barbecue sauce to the chipotle mayo, it makes your burger taste extravagant. 

chili, barbecue sauce, sauce, condiment
Claire Waggoner

5. Fries 

The fries were well seasoned. Most people didn't use condiments. 

Alexis Grace

Guy's Burger Joint is a once in a lifetime experience. When there is an opportunity for you to partake in this burger experience, don't miss out! You'll never regret indulging with Guy Fieri.