Nothing is better than an authentic, Greek meal cooked by your favorite grandma – except her endless repertoire of dessert options, of course. Not everyone has a go-to Greek, so here are my five favorite Greek dessert options and a recipe for each. Read on and aim your shot at making an adventurous dessert.

1. Koulourakia

A Greek Easter tradition, koulourakia are not only a delicious cookie, but they are also fun and easy to bake. This dessert is one of the fluffiest yet crunchiest cookies, and they're a perfect addition to a savory beverage. 

2. Baklava

Would it really be a list of Greek desserts without baklava? The layers of walnuts, pistachios, and almonds drenched in cinnamon-orange flavored honey provide the perfect filling for crunchy phyllo dough. There's no going wrong with this killer treat.

3. Melomakarona

More so known as Greek Christmas honey cookies, melomakarona are a great snack at any time of the day. The sweet cookies are topped with walnuts and glazed with cinnamon-orange syrup that provides the classic Greek flavors these desserts are cherished for.

4. Revani

Revani is the sweetest sponge cake that will lead you to unknowingly eating half a tray in one sitting. This fluffy coconut cake drenched in lemony syrup is a must-have Greek dessert.

5. Galaktoboureko

Galaktoboureko takes its place as the fifth and final Greek dessert to try at least once in a lifetime. With sweet custard, crunchy phyllo dough and, of course, cinnamon-honey syrup, galaktoboureko is my favorite Greek dessert.

Now is the time to try something you may not have thought to before: one of these must-have Greek desserts. Dessert can be considered one of the best things Greek cuisine can offer, after all.