It’s the season of giving, being with family…and catching up on Netflix. However, once you’re finished with that last Downton Abbey episode, what are you going to do?
Foodie or not, some of the best entertainment comes from food shows. It’s like reality TV except with lots of food porn and fewer overly tanned reality stars. Here is a list of the best food shows to keep you entertained until the next season Downton is available.

1. Munchies: Huang’s World

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Photo courtesy of Munchies

Follow Eddie Huang on his culinary travels around the world in this Munchies series called Huang’s World. Huang has a great personality; he’s not only funny and sassy but also charming and intellectual. With his willingness to try anything, Huang takes us on an amazing journey around the globe to experience the culture of various countries and eat real food — not the 5 star restaurant food but real, local food. Through his journey, Huang teaches us that, despite our language barriers, we are able to learn about different cultures through the food that we share.

Where to watch: Munchie’s Website

Best Episode: Huang’s World: Taiwan


2. Master Chef Junior

Food Shows

Photo courtesy of CTV

Be prepared for your microwaved college meals to be put to shame as you watch children between the ages of 8 to 13 prepare high class dishes like Beef Wellington and chicken breast roulade within an hour and present it to three renowned chefs: Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. Have you ever seen a show without Gordon Ramsay’s angry shouting being bleeped out? No? Well, be surprised as you see Gordon Ramsay talking twenty decibels lower than normal and not cursing every five minutes. The winning Master Chef Junior winner receives a trophy and a prize of $100,000 which will probably be going into their toy fund.

Where to watch: Hulu or FOX

Best Episode: Master Chef Junior: Season 2 Finale


3. Cutthroat Kitchen

Food Shows

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Gourmet dishes, Alton Brown and sabotage pretty much sums up this show. Chefs are challenged to create elaborate dishes to present to guest celebrities. While preparing these dishes, the contestants are also given opportunities to sabotage each other or benefit themselves using the $25,000 given to each chef at the beginning of the show by “buying” items at an auction. The winning chef gets to keep whatever money they have left at the end of the competition. Cutthroat Kitchen challenges its contestants to create elevated versions of mundane dishes like macaroni and cheese in just 30 minutes. Their creativity never fails to inspire college students who are tired of eating EasyMac and pizza rolls every day.

Where to watch: FoodNetwork

Best Episode: Cutthroat Kitchen: Layer, I Hardly Know Her!


4. Epic Meal Time

Food Shows

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Bacon and Alcohol. Epic Meal Time has everything a college student can ask for. This hilarious Canadian YouTube cooking show is known for its extremely high calorie meals made with bacon and Jack Daniel’s. With occasional famous celebrity appearances ranging from Tony Hawk to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the show never fails to impress those who don’t believe you can make a sandwich out of pizza.

Where to watch: YouTube

Best Episode: Epic Meal Time: Korean BBQ Lasagna


5.  Cupcake Wars

Food Shows

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Everybody loves cupcakes. But if you’re one of the few who don’t, watching this show will make you worship them. Cupcake Wars features four bakeries competing for not only a monetary prize, but also an opportunity to take their cupcakes to a big event such as a sports game or a film festival. In Cupcake Wars, the cupcakes are works of art: the flavors are unique and the presentation is absolutely gorgeous. Watch with caution: this is some intense food porn for someone with a sweet tooth.

Where to watch: Hulu or FoodNetwork

Best Episode: Cupcake Wars: Tim Burton Bake-Off


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