Sugar and spice lovers rejoice: Every cafe and restaurant seems to bust out the spice rack during the autumn months and drinks become creamier, more luxurious concoctions to help combat the “colder” weather.

Thankfully, mixed drinks are no exception to the rule. Warm yourself up with something a bit stronger than your average cup of tea and experiment with these festive cocktails.

Desert Snow Tequila Punch

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A sweet and light mixture of horchata and tequila blanco, the Desert Snow Tequila Punch is an excellent alternative to the traditional eggnog during colder months. Of course, if you don’t want to splutter out this mouthful at the bar, it’s totally understandable. Try mixing it yourself and check out this recipe. The lime garnish trick helps complement the tequila, and as usual, homemade horchata is the way to go.

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As one of the creamiest drinks on this list, the Maple Vodka and Espresso Cocktail is more of a dessert than a beverage. A heavy combination of maple vodka, espresso, Kahlua and cream, this recipe is definitely made for those with a hardcore sweet tooth. Don’t forget the nutmeg for the full fall flavor.

Bonus: check out this kahlua crunch affogato inspired by the espresso cocktail. No worries, it’s still boozy.

Hot Cider Toddy

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Perhaps the flu that has been going around has finally arrived at your doorstep. Filled with flavorful spices and served piping hot, the hot toddy is a fantastic complement to the overcast autumn skies and any sneezing or sniffling you’ve come down with. Clear your head with this recipe.

Cranberry Crush

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We’ve already catered to the sweet tooths out there – here’s one for the spicier folk. The Cranberry Crush is a combination of rum, ginger beer and cranberry juice. The result is a tart and spiced blend of flavors. Keep pomegranate juice in mind – it makes for an acceptable substitute if you’ve had enough cranberry this fall.


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Does Glogg sound like some drink straight out of Middle Earth? Probably because it’s a Nordic mulled wine with a rich history and an even richer taste. Fun names aside, this spiced wine tastes best when made from scratch. Fortunately, the recipe is relatively simple and includes inexpensive dry wine, orange juice and a bit of cinnamon. Just want a quick taste? There are plenty of pre-made mixes for any curious drinkers.

For those living in icier climates, check out these spiked hot drinks.