SLICE: With the food under the blade, press your knife down until the heel of the blade reaches the board. Repeat, rocking in a circular motion.

MINCE: Start with diced pieces. Place your hand flat across the top of your knife and, using
a rocking motion, chop until you reach a fine, even size.

DICE: Cut the food in half. Place the flat side down and make several horizontal cuts without cutting through. Rotate and slice to create small, even-sized cubes.

SHRED: Stack 5 to 10 leaves (such as kale or basil) on top of one other and tightly roll together. Using a knife, cut through the bundle to create shreds.

JULIENNE: Okay, so maybe this one isn’t so basic — but it’ll make you look fancy as heck. Cut the food into 3-inch strips and trim the rounded edges to create a rectangular shape. Stack and cut each of the rectangles into ⅛-inch slices.