Freshman year of college, two of my best friends were obsessed with their Fitbit and "getting their steps in" throughout the day, but I never understood it. I was all about laying in my bed during my free time. That all changed when I bought a Fitbit of my own and began to understand where the fitness tracker obsession comes from. 

Why I Jumped on the Bandwagon

My friends would constantly go on walks to get their steps in for the day, and I would always question why that was so important to them. Meanwhile, I complained about always being tired, probably due to the fact that I wasn’t very physically active. 

Over the summer, my mom, who also has a step-tracker, would constantly tell me how many steps she had taken throughout the day and ask me to go on walks with her so she could reach 10,000 steps a day. I decided that if I was being forced into activity anyway, I might as well get a Fitbit Alta of my own.

How My Activity Levels Changed

From the first day I got it, I was instantly more active than I had been before. Tracking my steps challenges me to be active throughout the day, especially with hourly reminders to move. I find myself walking to places close to campus that I would normally Uber to and walking instead of taking the school shuttle. Walking on the beach became more fun because I was gaining more steps. I even offer to take out the trash or help around the house so that I can track more steps. 

These may seem like small changes in my daily life, but I now take more steps than I used to and I keep my activity level higher than it was last year. I walk more miles a day than I did last year, and I feel so much more awake and alert throughout the day because I'm active. 

Why You Should Get a Fitness Tracker

Not only does my Fitbit track my steps, but it tracks my sleeping patterns, exercise throughout the week, active minutes, and more. It allows me to set goals and sends me updates if i meet them. Other step-tracking devices, like the Apple Watch, Garmin devices, and Misfit trackers are awesome too because they have all help you stay active throughout the day. 

Even if you’re using your tracker for walking alone, there are so many health benefits, like bone and muscle strengthening and improving balance, as listed by the Mayo Clinic. So, go get a step-tracker and start stepping! (PS. You will thank me when you get a notification along with fireworks that you achieved your goal of 10,000 steps).