During my first year in college, I've struggled finding snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. I either would grow tired of eating the same thing or have no time to get something that was healthy and thus resort to processed junk food. Luckily, this is where FitJoy comes in.

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Jeanne Paulino

FitJoy is a brand-new company that is dedicated to providing its customers with on-the-go, wholesome snacks. They have just launched their protein bars this past year and, even more recently, two new flavors that I have been #blessed enough to try out: Cookies and Cream and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.

Cookies and Cream

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Jeanne Paulino

A self-proclaimed lover of Oreos, this was the protein bar I was most excited to try. If there's an Oreo flavor of anything, you bet I'm trying it.

Much to my surprise and delight, FitJoy's cookies and cream bar had both the same creaminess and satisfying crunch that a cookie has. It was everything that I could ask for: chocolatey, smooth on the inside yet crisp on the outside, and filling—all with 20 grams of protein. I went without cravings or a sugar crash until my next meal, and felt great.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Jeanne Paulino

This flavor took me by surprise. Strangely, I do not like eating fruit with chocolate (I just find the combination weird; I'd much like to keep my fruit and chocolate separate from one another, thank you very much), so I was not expecting to enjoy this flavor as much as the cookies and cream bar.

I was wrong.

FitJoy has converted me into a fruit and chocolate girl. The raspberry flavor perfectly complements the chocolate; it is neither overtly sweet nor tangy. Rather, the flavors play off of one another to produce an interesting flavor experience not typically found in protein bars. Needless to say, I finished this bar quickly.

By the end of trying out FitJoy's two newest flavors, I was left with a newfound sense of optimism that it wouldn't be impossible to be healthy while being a full-time college student. The company surely delivers on their promise to deliver gourmet yet painless snack options, and I can't wait to see what other flavors they have in store in the future.